Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

🎨 Drive consistency & conversions with a branded checkout experience





Your inline checkout is now a Branded Inline Checkout. Font size; color; border radius; hover and select states… These are some of the near 50 options Paddle has just launched, letting you better style your inline checkout flow.

This means your Revenue, Marketing & Design teams can quickly match your site design and create a seamless checkout experience, without first needing to run CSS changes past your Engineers.

Once you’ve embedded your Inline Checkout and reviewed the available options, go to the Checkout > Branded Inline Checkout section of the Paddle Dashboard. There you can instantly style its appearance and 'Publish' your design:

black 1.png

See our new blog post for tips on how to create a frictionless inline checkout. Or message support if you have any questions. Enjoy the design tools at your fingertips!