Paced Email updates
Paced Email updates

Unified mailbox




Access all your emails in a single consolidated mailbox from the new sidebar link on your dashboard.

Individual mailboxes for your inbox aliases and their digests are still accessible as usual.

Assign recipients when creating new aliases




You can now assign recipients of digests when creating new custom aliases. This enables you to save time as previously, teammates were only assignable via the alias edit page.

If no recipients are assigned, the alias owner is the default.

Zapier integration




I've just released the first public beta of the Paced Email Zapier integration.

Create triggers for when inboxes and digests are created. There's also a handy action to create new aliases when events happen in third-party apps.

Get started here →

Inbox alias owner




When managing multiple team members, it's often useful to know who added the Paced Email address.

You can now see the owner when you click through to view the alias.

CleanShot 2021-11-30 at 09.42.53@2x.png

Pabbly Connect integration




Pabbly Connect now allows you to integrate more than 750 popular apps to your Paced Email accounts.

Create workflows to automate your day with their simple to use process builders.

Get started now →

Bulk actions






You are now able to multi-select various records from within your dashboards and run bulk actions against them. The following actions for inboxes, deleted inboxes and inbox digests are currently enabled:

  • Inboxes
    • Delete all
    • Deliver digests
    • Pause digests
    • Resume digests
  • Deleted inboxes
    • Restore all
  • Digests
    • Delete all

Pause digests




If you want to stop receiving digests for an alias but wish to continue using the email address, you can now pause digests.

Access the new setting via the web platform under each alias. Browser extension support coming soon.

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Mailbox and digest view updates




For performance reasons, mailboxes were limited to display the last 30 days of emails. This limitation has now been removed. 🎉

Other improvements include:

  1. Infinite scroll on the messages navigation menu.
  2. Scroll position is now maintained (no more jumping back to the top and losing where you were in your email list).
  3. Removed 30 day history limit on mailboxes.
  4. Better options and buttons user interface for managing messages.

FIDO U2F security key support






Paced Email now supports the U2F open authentication standard allowing you to use your security devices to log in securely.

You can use any USB, Lightning, or NFC security key compatible with the FIDO WebAuthn (FIDO2) standard, including Yubico's YubiKey or Google's Titan Key.

Read the announcement on the blog:

Alias sorting by pending email count




Aliases may now be sorted in ascending or descending order by their pending email count via the dashboard.