Overframe updates
Overframe updates

Version 1.1.0





Latest version of Overframe is now available for download. This version includes several enhancements and a bug fix. Here is the summary:


  • Introducing two new device types: Tablets and Browsers. Tablets comes with iPad Air (Silver and Space Grey) and iPad Mini (Silver, Space Grey and Clay) model. Browsers comes with Safari (Dark and Light) model. We’ve also added two new models for Phone: Clay-styled iPhone 8 and iPhone X.


  • You can now set the frame background colour to be transparent.


  • You can freely set the device scale from 50% to 100% using the new scale range slider. Or use the input box to enter any amount.


  • Move the frame position precisely using your arrow keys. Up, down, left and right. Combine it with Shift key to move it by 10px.

Bug fix

  • We’ve fixed the issue where the recorded area have rounded corner with white line on the top of the video. Thanks to those who reported the issue!