OneLXP by illumnus updates
OneLXP by illumnus updates

illumnus® rebrands to OneLXP






In our opinion, the startup is about working for a vision, fighting constraints, optimizing resources, reducing costs, and ultimately work towards generating higher revenues and greater adoption.

Previously, illumnus followed enterprise sales strategy, for which the Sales Cycle was Resource-intensive and time-consuming.

Now, we are launching a new product, OneLXP. In this, the end-user/admin of the school can setup their school in less than 2 minutes with the easy self-onboarding flow. Later, as the stakeholders of the school get used to the platform with its freemium model, the possibilities for Cross-Selling and Up-Selling open up.

So, what does this mean to the company?

  • More clients and end-users
  • Varieties of clients from several geographies
  • Smaller conversion cycle
  • Need for a smaller business/Sales team having to be physically present
  • Ultimately leading to much lesser costs and exponentially higher Revenues.

And, what are we targeting?

We are starting with the early adoption of the new product by targeting/onboarding Indian CBSE Schools. We have 21,000+ schools in this category. By July 2022, we plan to onboard 500+ schools with this strategy.

Early Access Campaign

We are also launching an "Early Access Campaign", through which the first 20 schools will get the Pro version (For an unlimited number of students) of the product for a mere $150 for a whole year. Here are the details of the same: (Valid for only Indian CBSE Schools)

We are planning to conduct a Clubhouse session soon. Meanwhile, If you have any suggestions, you can write back to me directly at


Akash Singhal, Founder & CEO, illumnus