Filter to hide "Private" events from your calendar

You can easily hide "Private" events from showing your on public calendar.

Customer Email Address on Roster is fixed

We fixed an issue that showed the incorrect email for the customer in the roster.

Public calendars will show duration

If your event setting is enabled to show the duration of the event, then on the calendar and on the booking page, it will now show the customer the full duration of the event.

Issue fixed with emails not going out

We fixed an issue that was causing emails to not go out.

All emails have a new design

A brand new design is now in place for all emails sent to your customers, your staff and you!

Head on over to our help article to preview the emails -

Reminder emails now have some more information

Most merchants wanted to include event specific details in the auto-generated reminder email.

The update was released today!

Add private notes to your event

"Hey Jessica, this is Sarah's birthday... she is expecting 10 people!"

"Make sure to verify that Jennifer, Order ID 12KL120, paid!"

Ever have to leave private notes on an event -- now, you can!

Enjoy this new feature from Occasion -

Rosters - made better

We have released a new way to create, print and email your roster.

You can generate amazing roster PDFs from your Calendar - print or email them to a staff person or contractor.

Read more -

Bug fix: Refund from mobile device

The ability to refund customer's bookings from mobile devices was broken -- fixed.

Double confirm when cancelling bookings

Added extra step to make sure you actually want to cancel bookings -- so as to avoid accidental cancellations.

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