Occasion updates
Occasion updates

New Enhancements





  • Introducing a search autofill to populate categories and allow users to easily select and unselect categories and add them to their Listings.

  • As a User, looking at the Staff Page, you can now identify which Users are account owners and which Users have "Admin" permission.

New and Improved Features and Bug Fixes





  • **Infinite Scroll is Live on Website Calendars **- instead of jumping from month to month, this new feature allows customers to scroll between all upcoming events





  • OA T183 - There is a new filter for Website Calendars where Partners can hide "closed" events from displaying to customers





  • OA 175 - Fixed the issue of translucency on Website Calendars by making the default to be "white" instead of the background bleeding into the website color








  • "Share Your Calendar" button on the Calendar Page in a Partner's account now directs them to Website Calendar.

  • We have removed Postmates as an option for local delivery. However, you can still ship via FedEx and include curb-side pickup.

  • Julian Layout now loads starting Sunday through Saturday instead of Monday through Sunday.

  • A Partner can now update availability on all time slots from the Availability Tab within a Listing, even on the ones that were previously modified.

Invoice and Listing Enhancements





  • Invoices are now visible for all accounts under Settings > Billing > Invoices. The user will need “Admin and Billing” permissions to view the “Billing” option under the Settings menu

  • Filtering on the Listings page now shows you count of filters selected

Bugs Fixed





  • OA141 - Partners can now edit orders with priced items

  • OA150 - Daily Roster is now updating correctly, not a day late

  • O162 - Orders can now be refunded back to the original credit

  • OA163 - Duplicate customer emails can be fixed

Thank you for your patience as we work to correct these bugs. Of course, please let us know if you're still experiencing any issues and we'll look into this.

Bug Fixed





  • OA160 - When a customer pays with a gift card or credit, Partners were not able to refund back as credits. This is now fixed.

Bugs Fixed





Bugs Fixed

  • OA168 - Some users were not able to filter or sort Listings. Now they can.

  • OA167 - Delete button was shown on Listings with bookings, but crashed when clicked. Now, the “Delete” button is hidden on Listings with bookings.

  • OA165 - Some users could not switch “Venues” on the new Listings page. Now they can.

New Enhancements and Features





New Enhancements:

  • When editing/ creating a venue - we made it more obvious where the “Room Name” is displayed when it is made visible.

  • Under the “Listings” page - there’s now a new “All Venues” view - which allows the Partner to view Listings across all Venues.

  • The default view when the “Listings” page is now loaded - is set to show only “Active” listings across “All Venues” sorted by “most recently updated”.

New Features:

  • Under “Settings”, there’s now a “Billing” tab - where the account owner/ admin can switch plans, change who pays the booking fees, and also, view and download invoices.

New Listings Page





Overall Listing Management:

  • Add a new Listing
  • Edit a Listing
  • Duplicate a Listing
  • Delete a Listing
  • Preview a Listing
  • Search for Listings by using Keywords

Filter Listings by:

  • Venues
  • Date Range (On/After/Before a Date)
  • Type of Listing (Public, Private, Announcement)
  • Status (Active, Inactive, Sold Out)
  • Category / Labels
  • Gift Card (Yes / No)
  • Where "Boxed" is Turned On

Sort Listings by:

  • Recently Created
  • Recently Updated
  • Best Sellers (Most Revenue)
  • A to Z

Overall Venue Management:

  • Add a Venue
  • Edit a Venue
  • Delete a Venue
  • Duplicate a Venue

To access the page, go to Listings

New Account Settings Page





  • New and easy to follow experience!
  • Each section is separated by a menu to the left of the screen for organization and accessibility
  • The "Save" button remains visible at the top of the page
  • HelpDocs are included for further clarification under "More Info"

To access the page, go to Settings > My account