See preview of Upcoming events email sent to customers

As a merchant, you can now preview the upcoming events email sent to customers under Marketing > Upcoming Events Email

Pro-rata for sessions is now optional

When doing series class - say, 10 weeks session - merchants can now decide to give customers a pro-rata discount or now when accepting late sign-ups.

Sell Items through Occasion

Sell items as add-ons through Occasion -

Allergy question is avaiable

Request allergy information on attendees

Google Events Integration is now live

Recurring Events do not post on Facebook

Only non-recurring and series classes post to Facebook as Events.

Personalized upcoming events email

Customers can now opt-in to receive a list of upcoming events automatically from your business -

Filter to hide "Private" events from your calendar

You can easily hide "Private" events from showing your on public calendar.

Customer Email Address on Roster is fixed

We fixed an issue that showed the incorrect email for the customer in the roster.

Public calendars will show duration

If your event setting is enabled to show the duration of the event, then on the calendar and on the booking page, it will now show the customer the full duration of the event.

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