The new and improved nudj

We've completely redesigned our app including...

  1. New on-boarding - including our unique survey tool, designed to help you uncover people worth asking for referrals from your network (seriously, it's totally awesome).
  2. View your contacts - now you can view, search and nudj any of your contacts directly within our app. No need for you to ever go anywhere else
  3. Add individual contacts - for those that you want to message but aren't connected to on social media
  4. Changed some copy - hopefully it makes more sense
  5. Moved some pixels around - this should make it easier to use 🤞
  6. Added more white and grey - why? because they set a better tone. 😜
  7. Rebuilt the entire API - something the dev team stress I mention, but you hopefully won't notice.
  8. Made it play nicely with phones and tablets - now you can nudj on the go, anywhere in the world (with a 4G connection).


Fancy giving the new app a go? Get in touch to arrange a demo!

Chat in the app 💬

Not only can sync and send emails via your Gmail account, you can now respond to any replies from within our app too! 🙌

Send your emails via Gmail

Now you sync with your Gmail account to send your requests for referrals instantly. 📩

Plus, they actually come from you, rather than us. Meaning they get delivered straight into their inbox, which ensures you get a response!

Make use of your LinkedIn connections

People looking to hire can now upload their LinkedIn connections to their account and automatically generate recommendations of who is worth nudj'ing.

It takes around 4 hours at the moment, but it's getting faster all the time (and it means you don't have to)! ⚡️ 🤖

For more info on what we do with this data (and more importantly what we don't) read this.

Focus your time on only the most important nudj tasks

Not another task list we hear you say!?! 😱

Seriously though, this means that everytime you log into our app, you can focus on the important items, that will ensure that you'll find someone awesome to hire.

And you don't have to waste your time figuring it out for yourself, allowing you to get on with more important stuff, like running your team or company, responding to those nudj requests or walking your dog. 🐶

Tracking your referrals

Now hirers can keep track of who they've asked and how well their search for talent is going, including who has referred who and how many people have applied to date.

Note: It may look a little different from this, as we're refining it all the time!

Speeding things up!

We've made our website leaner, faster and just better. ⚡️

We've also added some flourishes, including animations and a bit of general UI love. ❤️

As always, feedback welcome!

Asking for referrals

We've made it super easy for hirers to craft personalised messages and send them to key people in their network our nudj bot has identified as being a useful source of recommendations.

New branding + design

Over the last month, we've been working hard with the very talented Matt Ellis to rethink our brand and redesign our existing website.

We'll be writing a blog post about the thinking behind the new brand / design and process we went through to get here, but until then we look forward to hearing what you all think!

We're starting an updates log

Today, we've decided to start an updates log, so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest features, improvements and bug fixes that we're working on here at nudj.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely nudj will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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