Nucleus Analytics changelog
Nucleus Analytics changelog

New version of the JS module





We are releasing the version 4.0 of the JS tracking module which comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

⚠️ This is a breaking version, if you upgrade from a past installation make sure to read below to see how to properly update.

📜 Changelog:

  • the module is now 100% compatible with browser and hybrid environments
  • the .appStarted() method has been removed and integrated into .init(). On Electron, the module should now be used in 1 process only (you can use IPC to track a second process).
  • anonymous users are automatically tracked
  • user sessions now expire after 30 mins of inactivity
  • on Electron, the module is now made to be used in 1 process only (renderer recommended)
  • The device ID is now different between computer user sessions
    • If you upgrade from an old integration, use the useOldDeviceId option so you don't see duplicated in the dashboard
  • .screen() has been replaced by .page() (but is still available as an alias)
  • the autoUserId option has been removed
  • deprecated .checkUpdates() method has been removed
  • events are throttle to 20/s maximum
  • stop tracking device ram and arch
  • others bug fixes and improvements