Nucleus Analytics changelog
Nucleus Analytics changelog

Advanced Visualisations





Today, we are very happy to introduce two very powerful tools to further our analytics product.

This is the biggest update to our dashboard in months and we hope you'll like it 😎

These new charts are available under a new tab "Advanced Visualisations" on your dashboard.

🏹 Funnels

Funnels allow you to visualise the success rate of a specific action sequence.

Use them to find usage bottlenecks in your app and improve conversion towards a specific action outcome.


You can create as many funnels as you like.

🗓 Cohorts Retention

The new cohorts chart makes it easy to see the retention of weekly/monthly cohort of users over time. For each cohort, see how many users remain after x period of time.

Useful to see which marketing effort bring the highest quality users, and which version/feature of your app makes users leave and never come back.

Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 16.20.15.png

You can already use those today in your dashboard :)

Keep in mind that these are still in beta, and as such bug reports and suggestions are very welcome.