Nucleus Analytics changelog
Nucleus Analytics changelog

🐞 Error Alerts 🐞

A popular requested feature, you can now receive email alerts when an error pass your threshold criterias, either in number of occurrences or number of users impacted.

This can help make your app more stable by catching bugs as soon as they happen.

You can configure the alert settings for your app on the β€œErrors” section of your dashboard.





πŸ€– Upgraded servers πŸ€–

To make sure we’re able to keep up with the growing demand while keeping Nucleus fast and crisp to all users, we upgraded to even more powerful servers that should give us plenty leeway for the future.

Dashboard interactions and queries should now be slightly faster.





πŸ“‘ API V1 Documentation πŸ“‘

We released the documentation for our new API, find it here:

You can use it to fetch programmatically most of the data Nucleus collects for your app.

It can be used to build custom dashboards, integrate your analytics data in your own app or even build integrations for Nucleus with any other service.

We don’t have plans to depreciate the previous beta API.





⏱ Average Session Duration ⏱

You can now see how much time your users spend in the app, on average.

Useful to track engagement.

No integration change needed.






πŸ‘₯ User Details Page improvements πŸ‘₯

  • ⏱ Show last seen date
  • πŸ’¬ Show events’ data when browsing sessions
  • 🐞 Fix formatting with unknown systems









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