Nocodeapi changelog
Nocodeapi changelog

Facebook Pages Integration — Added





Now you can access your Facebook pages data as JSON-like.

Facebook Pages API

  • Get Page Posts - Retrieve your Facebook page post data as JSON.

  • Publish Post - Publish a post on the Facebook page with a simple API.

  • Publish Photo - Publish a photo on your Facebook page via a photo remote URL.

  • Update Post - You can update any post with a page post id.

  • Delete Post - You can delete Facebook page posts without any coding

  • Get Comments - List all the comments of a Facebook page post

  • Make Comment - Write a comment on a Facebook page post.

Check out here

Or Watch YouTube Tutorial Integration — Added





This week we added API integration to the marketplace.

Check out here API

Google Fit Integration





We added new integration to the marketplace.

Google Fit ->

There are the following endpoints for Google Sheet API:

  • Data Sources - Lists all data sources.
  • Aggregate Datasets - Aggregates data of a certain type or stream into buckets divided by a given type of boundary.

Check out the Marketplace

Google Sheet Search API





You can do

  • Exact Keyword Search
  • Contain
  • Greater(for numbers)
  • Less(for numbers)

Watch the YouTube video

VS Code Theme enabled





The playground has now VS code theme highlighter and is faster to test your APIs.

Test your API faster with a better experience.

Screenshot 2021-08-05 at 2.49.14 PM.png

Organize your APIs into Projects.





Now Organize your APIs into projects & add team members to the projects for collaboration.

Watch a 2-minutes tutorial, how to create projects, manage APIs, & invite team members.






This week we have many integrations and changes listed in our roadmap.

New Endpoints changes

  1. XML to JSON new API endpoint added. Now you can send XML data as payload and make a POST call to get JSON response.
  2. In YouTube video endpoint your will get extra data as contentDetails and statistics also.
  3. New YouTube endpoint to get your liked videos is added
  4. New endpoint to get your channel video or by channelId

New Integrations

Zoho Sheet API

Setup Zoho Sheet API to get Workbook, Worksheet table data, add rows, update row, delete rows with simple API

↳ View Zoho Sheet API Docs

Twilio SMS API

Connect with Twilio SMS endpoint with simple API without any backend.

↳ View Twilio SMS API Docs

Mailerlite API

Mailerlite is an email marketing tool to send campaigns for business. So, If you want your data in JSON format then you can get it with NoCodeAPI.

↳ View Mailerlite API Docs

Snipcart API

Access your snipcart data with simple REST API like orders, customers, products, & subscriptions as JSON.

↳ View Snipcart API Docs

Typeform API

Collect your forms data as a JSON format & Transformed

↳ View Typeform API Docs

Notion Database API - Added





We added Notion into the marketplace. So, now you can get Notion table data into a simple format.

There are the following endpoints for Notion API:

  • List databases - List all the database from your notion account
  • Table - Lists all entries as JSON from Notion Table, Board, List, Calendar, Gallery, Timeline databases.
  • Page Content - Get the content of a notion page as blocks or HTML
  • Page info - Get information about a notion page.
  • Search - Make a search into your notion account
  • List all users - List all the users of your notion account

New UI of NoCodeAPI





We were working on our marketing website and finally we push the change on the production.

You can see the new Look ↳

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 11.53.55 AM.png

Cheers 🥂

DEV APIs -> decrypted





We added DEV APIs collection(HTML to PDF, HTML to screenshot, IP geolocation, Email verification, Scraping APIs.) this year and don't see any value these APIs added to our users.

So, we decide to remove them from the marketplace. From 1st June, these API endpoints will not work.