Nocodeapi changelog
Nocodeapi changelog

Notion Database API - Added





We added Notion into the marketplace. So, now you can get Notion table data into a simple format.

There are the following endpoints for Notion API:

  • List databases - List all the database from your notion account
  • Table - Lists all entries as JSON from Notion Table, Board, List, Calendar, Gallery, Timeline databases.
  • Page Content - Get the content of a notion page as blocks or HTML
  • Page info - Get information about a notion page.
  • Search - Make a search into your notion account
  • List all users - List all the users of your notion account

New UI of NoCodeAPI





We were working on our marketing website and finally we push the change on the production.

You can see the new Look ↳

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 11.53.55 AM.png

Cheers 🥂

DEV APIs -> decrypted





We added DEV APIs collection(HTML to PDF, HTML to screenshot, IP geolocation, Email verification, Scraping APIs.) this year and don't see any value these APIs added to our users.

So, we decide to remove them from the marketplace. From 1st June, these API endpoints will not work.

Supabase Integration + Webflow, Twitter endpoints changes





Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 9.48.23 AM.png

Today, we added into the marketplace.

Now you can get a simple endpoint for your table data.

Endpoints changes:

  • Now you can get more than 100 records for Webflow CMS with one API call. Just pass perPage=all
  • New endpoint into Twitter for a tweet lookup

This is all.


Webflow PATCH endpoint





We also added "Patch Collection Item" into Webflow integration. A "patch item" request" is similar to the "update item" request, but the only required fields are those that need to be changed.

Firebase Admin Integration





We got lots of requests for Firebase Admin integration. Finally, we added that into the marketplace.

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 2.30.26 PM.png

Login with Google & Twitter





Today, we added two new ways to sign in to NoCodeAPI.

  1. login with the Google account
  2. login with the Twitter account

API Connector - data importer





Now you can easily push any JSON data to Google Sheet, Airtable, & Webflow with NoCodeAPI endpoint without any coding script.

Read More

Scraping API + Twitter, Spotify, Google Sheet new endpoints





Last week we added new endpoints into Twitter, Spotify, & Google Sheet.

View all new endpoints for:

Also, we added in-house API -> Scraping API.

Scrape content from e-commerce websites, news sites, blogs, etc and get data in JSON format with our simple REST API

View Scraping API Docs

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In-built playground to test APIs





This week I did a lot of automation to make new integration faster & re-build our own playground to test APIs.


This is the simple & clean UI to test your API endpoints in the browser.

Watch the video tutorial Click to watch

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