Neuraltext changelog
Neuraltext changelog

API Early Access


New is a tool that allows you to analyze search engine result pages in real-time, use the AI to generate text and research new topics.

While we plan to release a public API in the future, at this time we have to evaluate each request to ensure the best experience possible for everyone.

If you want to discuss a new use case or you want to get access for a test drive, let us know -

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Set default geographic preferences




Save more time inside the app by setting the default country and the default language.

Go to Account Settings to set them now.

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You will now be able to invite people to your team with:

  • different roles
  • separate credentials
  • separate projects
  • sharing permissions

Read more on the documentation.

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Affiliate Program




Earn 30% recurring commision for every new user you refer becoming a partner.

Learn more on

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[Keywords] New Keyword Discovery algo




We've improved the keyword discovery algorithm and now we use the popular related searches from autosuggest.

We will append and prepend dozens of query modifiers to get quality long-tail keywords actually searched from real people.

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[Keywords] Added relevant terms




Relevant terms in keyword reports will help you to identify semantically similar keyword groups.

Click on a term to show a list of all the keywords containing that term.

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[Keywords] Added keyword difficulty metrics




Keyword Difficulty will help you estimate the difficulty to rank in the top-10 organic results for a specific keyword. The score ranges from 0 (easy) to 100 (extremely hard).

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[AI] Edit any AI generated text




Now it's easier to edit any AI generated text.

Click on the "Edit" button in any output generated by AI.

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A modal window will open: edit the text and when you're done click on "Edit" button.

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[AI] View all generated texts in a project




NeuralText will now show all the AI generated text inside a dedicated page.

To see all generated text within a project:

  • Go to sidebar
  • Click on "AI templates"
  • Click on "All outputs"

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[AI] Increased the description in AI tools from 250 to 600 characters




NeuralText will now allow more characters in input for description in AI Tools.

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