NarrationBox changelog
NarrationBox changelog

What's new? - 2.0.3

We have made some serious improvements to the speech editor in this update (All thanks to your consistent feedback). And we have added a super helpful thing, too.





You can now fetch text from a URL in your speech editor.

The Fetch from URL button will let you get text from a news site or a blog making it easier to convert your content to audio on the go.





If an effect is not available for the selected narrator, it will be disabled by default.

Many of our users pointed out that if an effect is not available with the narrator, it didn't tell that right away and the effect button had to be clicked just to learn that. We removed that extra step and the button is disabled by default now if the effect is not supported by the narrator.

We also added a little volume controller for the dialogue exclusively.

Minor UI sugar. Now no more loud booming dialogue testing.





Applying any effect will now reset the dialogue testing audio.

A few of our users pointed out that if you are testing a dialogue's audio and you decide to apply an effect, the audio would not stop playing and it would also not reset which turned out to be pretty annoying. That bug is gone too.