myREST changelog
myREST changelog

People limit in reservations extended




The possibility of limiting the number of people for reservations at the same time, as well as the period before and after the reservation was expanded. This feature also takes into account the duration of the reservation.

Reservation email




Added possibility to add custom text on automatic reservations emails.

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 18.37.52.png

Admin panel 1.0.56

Admin performance improved

[Improvement] Improved admin speed Added reservations checking in background + notification sound

Improved menu management



  • Pagination added on beginning and end of the lists
  • Navigation improved
  • Scroll to top added

Admin panel 1.0.54

Fix reservation edit year




Admin panel 1.0.53

Reservation payment update




added the ability to accept payments based on the number of people.

Admin panel 1.0.52

Admin panel 1.0.51




Added possibility to attach file to reservation

SmartMenu v2.0.1




We added some navigation improvements, translations and fixed few bugs.

Admin panel 1.0.50




Added possibility to setup Welcome message and WiFi credentials in SmartMenu

Admin panel 1.0.49




We are added possibility to configure subcategories in SmartMenu v2