v1.4.2 - Top Sups Enhancements

Added enhancements to the top spuds view. Improved the user experience when loading statistical data related to a link.

v1.4.1 - Registration and Logout

  • Fixed issue some new users were getting a screen stuck on the loader screen indefinitely when registering.

  • Fixed issue with the logout functionality. The user session was not being deleted correctly and the user has automatically logged in again.

v1.4.0 - Highlight Color

In this release, we added the ability to change the highlight color. You can select the color of your links!!

v1.3.1 - Custom Biolink Issue

Issue was corrected that was allowing users to enter invalid (unsafe url characters) as part of their custom biolink url.

v1.3.0 - Longer Biolink Names

In this release users are now able to set longer biolink names. Before this feature was released, custom biolinks were limited to 8 characters.

For example: mybiolink.co/devlife can now be updated to mybiolink.co/thedevlife

Avatar Customization

Users can now upload their avatar photo. By default, the application gets the user's avatar image from gravatar if they registered using their email or from Google if they signed up with Google.

Starting today, users can choose a picture on their computer or mobile phone and set that as their avatar image.

Registration Using Google

You can now use your Google account to register. In the near future, we will also be adding Facebook as a form of authentication.

Edit Link Description

We added the ability to edit the description on the links in your Biolink by clicking on the description itself. Prior to this update, the only way to update the description on a link was by going to the Spuds page.

Issue saving bio and username

An issue was reported that happened when a user was trying to save their username or profile description and one of them was empty. This issue was resolved and the fix was published.

myBioLink Release

The ability to create and manage your Biolink page has been released as of 8/25/2019. Existing and new users will have access to this feature. Now you don't have to be limited by a single link on your social media profiles.