myBiolink changelog
myBiolink changelog

v1.4.10 Scan URLs Before Adding to Biolink

Unfortunately, there were people abusing the application creating accounts with misleading URLs. This affected the application, especially on the Facebook platform, and this had a negative impact on mybiolink's reputation.

We added functionality to scan the URLs users submit, before creating or adding a link to their biolink page.

Here is how the application will let you know if a user submits a URL.


v1.4.8 Use UTC In Stats Page





  • Fix issue with hits not being registered due to a mismatch in date/time format. Now all hits are shown in UTC format, was well as the range in the graph where hits are shown.

v1.4.7 Change how Stats Are Loaded





  • Rename the link, Top 10 to Stats.
  • Mofication to prevent flashing the active links in the biolink page when navigating to the Stats page. Now users are presented with a loader before they are able to see any of the cards for the top spuds.

v1.4.6 - Redirect to our "Get Started" page





Previously we were redirecting all traffic not referencing a biolink to an outdated page. With this change, we are now redirecting all traffic to our "Get Started" page where we share the features of the product.

v1.4.4 - Created Blocked Page





After a surge of insecure content and links leading to scams involving fake giveaways, we started blocking such content. We created a blocked link page to let users know the link they followed is blocked.

v1.4.3 - Using VincentAPI to Store Content





Started using VincentAPI for storing avatar images and future features. You can find out more about VincentAPI here VincentAPI

v1.4.2 - Top Sups Enhancements





Added enhancements to the top spuds view. Improved the user experience when loading statistical data related to a link.

v1.4.1 - Registration and Logout





  • Fixed issue some new users were getting a screen stuck on the loader screen indefinitely when registering.

  • Fixed issue with the logout functionality. The user session was not being deleted correctly and the user has automatically logged in again.

v1.4.0 - Highlight Color





In this release, we added the ability to change the highlight color. You can select the color of your links!!

v1.3.1 - Custom Biolink Issue





Issue was corrected that was allowing users to enter invalid (unsafe url characters) as part of their custom biolink url.