MyAlice changelog
MyAlice changelog

Webchat Plugin Customization | 8 Feb 2022




Customize Webchat Style, Position, and Behavior

We have released three customization options for the webchat plugin. Users can —

  • white label the widget by removing the Chat by MyAlice message.

  • select the position of the widget on the website — left and right.

  • choose to show or hide the welcome message prompt.

Find more details here.

Improved Reporting

  1. Sales metrics will not be shown to non-ecommerce users, thus freeing up dashboard space.

  2. You can now see the tags and CSAT scores in the ticket list under Automation Metrics in the Reporting tab.

Private Replies to Facebook Comments

Replying privately to a Facebook comment will also show in the corresponding Messenger chat.



  1. Minimizing Shopify orders was sending error messages.

  2. The checkout URL copy icon wasn't functioning after creating an order.