MyAlice changelog
MyAlice changelog

Reopen Tickets, Improved Performance and More | 8 March 2022




Repoen Ticket

You can now reopen closed tickets. Simply, click on Reopen on the top-right corner of your inbox to continue a past conversation. However, you cannot reopen a conversation that originated 7 days ago on Facebook and Instagram and 1 day ago on WhatsApp and Viber. The other channels do not have such restrictions.




Instagram Feed Behavior

  1. Instagram API has some restrictions on fetching data. If a customer has not sent your page a message, we cannot fetch their profile name from the IG feed. However, we have now released a patch that can fetch the customer’s username and use it in the place of their profile name.
  2. We have reintroduced the Edit and Hide actions for IG Feed.

Improved Reporting

  1. You can now export the CSAT reporting table.

  2. We updated the value of the initial_response_duration_seconds column in the export function of agent metrics.

Grouping Channels in Integrations

Your channels in Integrations used to appear as per the first created time. The same channel types are now grouped together for better navigation. For example, Meta apps appear first on the list, then webchat, mobile app widget, and so on.

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 6.47.20 PM.png




Improving the Mobile App Performance

You can now —

  1. download multiple attachments on MyAlice mobile app.
  2. see the preview on shared links.
  3. copy order history without any trouble.
  4. get real-time ticket updates on iOS.

Fixing bugs in Product Recommender

We fixed the following bugs in the Product Recommender.

  1. Searching other products after selecting a product was removing the initially selected products.
  2. The feature was not working properly on Instagram and Line.
  3. WhatsApp does not support URL buttons. We are rethinking on how to restructure the product recommender for WABA Channel.