MyAlice changelog
MyAlice changelog

Release Notes | January 2022






Smart Ticket Assignment

You can now create smart rules to assign tickets to available or the least engaged agents in a round-robin format.


My Queue View

You can organize tickets in your inbox with three types of inbox views.

  1. My Queue view contains only the pending tickets assigned to you.
  2. All Queue view contains the pending tickets for the whole team.
  3. The Unassigned view contains the tickets which have not been assigned to anybody.

Currently, you will see the pending tickets in your inbox by default. Set a filter to view the resolved tickets.






Mobile App Updates

Here are new features & fixes for the MyAlice mobile app. You can now:

  1. See the visual representation of Quick replies, Buttons & Gallery in your inbox.
  2. Select multiple images from the mobile gallery.
  3. Download attachments, including images, video, and files.

Additionally, we fixed the single image upload issue in iOs and some other minor bugs.