MyAlice changelog
MyAlice changelog

Release Notes | January 2022






Smart Ticket Assignment

You can now create smart rules to assign tickets to available or the least engaged agents in a round-robin format.


My Queue View

You can organize tickets in your inbox with three types of inbox views.

  1. My Queue view contains only the pending tickets assigned to you.
  2. All Queue view contains the pending tickets for the whole team.
  3. The Unassigned view contains the tickets which have not been assigned to anybody.

Currently, you will see the pending tickets in your inbox by default. Set a filter to view the resolved tickets.






Mobile App Updates

Here are new features & fixes for the MyAlice mobile app. You can now:

  1. See the visual representation of Quick replies, Buttons & Gallery in your inbox.
  2. Select multiple images from the mobile gallery.
  3. Download attachments, including images, video, and files.

Additionally, we fixed the single image upload issue in iOs and some other minor bugs.

Release Notes | December 2021




Introducing the Integrations Tab

Previously, the channel integrations were under the Settings tab, which confused our newly onboarded users. However, we have created a separate tab for Integrations now. Additionally, any user can now connect any channel on MyAlice through the self-guided window.

Screenshot 2022-01-09 at 4.27.50 PM.png




Revamped User Onboarding Flow

The previous onboarding flow did not guide users to the next steps. So, we revamped the user onboarding flow as a step-by-step process through which the new users can understand and access the core features to get the most out of MyAlice.






Improved Order Creation Process

  • Email and Phone fields are no longer mandatory during creating an order.

  • We removed the browser autofill option in the order creation flow to prevent a bug that was causing the UI to break in the second step.

  • After creating an order for a customer, the customer address info for the next order will be pre-filled.

  • Agents can now update an order's address-related information on Shopify from their MyAlice dashboard.

Release Notes | November 2021 | Version 1.9.2






New Dashboard Interface

We pushed a new dashboard UI. It will contain the following sections.

  1. Ticket Alert

  2. Important Metrics

  3. Tips and suggestions

  4. Release Alert

Screenshot 2022-01-09 at 4.17.39 PM.png




Exporting Ticket List

You can export your list of tickets as a .csv file in a consistent format and be able to run different Excel formulas to extract insights.

Updated Inbox Queue Search

Inbox queue search will also filter on ticket id and customer id, alongside the customer name.




Inbox Refresh Bug

Anytime a new customer message was received in real-time, a bug caused the whole page to refresh on its own. We fixed the bug.

Mobile App Release | November 2021




MyAlice Android and iOs App

We released our first version of the mobile app on Google Play Store and App Store.

mobile app.png

Release Notes | October 2021 | Version 1.9.0




MyAlice on Shopify App Store

Users can now connect their Shopify inventory, connect customer information, manage orders directly from inbox, view customer summary, and product interactions without switching from the MyAlice dashboard. Find MyAlice Shopify App here:

Screenshot 2022-01-09 at 4.01.07 PM.png

Relase Notes | October 2021 | Version 1.8.7

Please note that Version 1.8.4 - 1.8.6 included minor bug fixes.




Dashboard UI Update

We updated the left sidebar UI of the Dashboard. It now contains familiar icons and adds an eye-friendly contrast to visually assist the users.

Patch Update | Version 1.8.2




Inbox Behavior

The chatbox will not be triggered for the customer's incoming messages unless the agent turns it on to avoid a collision.




Billing Invoice Mechanism

There were several bugs related to MAU count; the MAU count was temporarily disabled for paid teams, whereas, the MAU count of free and enterprise teams was not being stored at all.

Release Notes | September 2021 | Version 1.8.2




Introduce Coupon Block in Builder

E-Commerce Coupons Block will allow users to acquire information from customers, and search the E-Commerce backend using APIs and give the List of coupons as an output of the search.

Automation of Order Creation

Users can continue to automatically update the cart through conversations. The release will include View Cart Block and Place Order Block




Country and Currency Selection

Users can select the country of operation, consequently setting currency symbols and phone number country codes in all sections of MyAlice

New Customer Attributes

Users can quickly access customer data related to e-commerce in any text-related outputs.




We have fixed the following bugs.

  1. The Set attribute block attribute length bug.
  2. Ticket Queue has been throttled by 5 seconds to prevent continuous API calls.
  3. Video inputs by customers will be shown in MyAlice inbox.

Modified Set Attribute Block





You can now handle multiple operations in one Set Attribute block. Previously, you would need multiple attribute blocks to save multiple attributes. Now, you can save all at once.


You can also use the increase/decrease function to paginate in an e-commerce chatbot.

Say you displayed 10 products in a gallery. If the user clicks See More, they can see the next set of products right within the inbox.

Search by Email or Order in Inbox





You can now search for orders in your inbox by email or order ID and connect the results to your anonymous WooCommerce customer.