MyAlice changelog
MyAlice changelog

Agency Pages, Improved Experiences, and Bug Fixes | 24 March 2022




Custom Log in Pages for Agencies

We are creating custom agency login pages for their clients on a request basis. Agencies can send custom login page requests through the method here and our support team will follow up accordingly.




Send Images in Batch

We have updated the way our users send images to their customers. Previously, agents could send images one by one. In the new method, users can upload multiple large-size images at once, faster than usual. Users can also add or cancel images before sending.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 7.00.05 PM.png

Improved Onboarding

We have updated the onboarding experience more intuitive by showing field validation error messages directly below the field, in case the new user sends a wrong input. Additionally, the business URL field now accepts input in multiple formats e.g., without https.

Webchat Improvement | 15 March 2022




Datalab for AppSumo Users

Previously, Datalab was unavailable to AppSumo users. We reinstated the Datalab for them as per our new business requirements.




Choose the language for web chat

We added i10n support for web chat. This will allow users to choose the language for their webchat widget. To enable this option, you need to change your browser language settings.

For example, if you are using Chrome, go to Settings > Languages, add your desired language, and drag it to the top.




Sync Web Chat Messages

Previously, if the visitor left the window or browser in the middle of a chat, the new messages sent by the agent did not appear on the customer's end after they logged back. We have fixed the error and the web chat syncs perfectly now.

Reopen Tickets, Improved Performance and More | 8 March 2022




Repoen Ticket

You can now reopen closed tickets. Simply, click on Reopen on the top-right corner of your inbox to continue a past conversation. However, you cannot reopen a conversation that originated 7 days ago on Facebook and Instagram and 1 day ago on WhatsApp and Viber. The other channels do not have such restrictions.




Instagram Feed Behavior

  1. Instagram API has some restrictions on fetching data. If a customer has not sent your page a message, we cannot fetch their profile name from the IG feed. However, we have now released a patch that can fetch the customer’s username and use it in the place of their profile name.
  2. We have reintroduced the Edit and Hide actions for IG Feed.

Improved Reporting

  1. You can now export the CSAT reporting table.

  2. We updated the value of the initial_response_duration_seconds column in the export function of agent metrics.

Grouping Channels in Integrations

Your channels in Integrations used to appear as per the first created time. The same channel types are now grouped together for better navigation. For example, Meta apps appear first on the list, then webchat, mobile app widget, and so on.

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 6.47.20 PM.png




Improving the Mobile App Performance

You can now —

  1. download multiple attachments on MyAlice mobile app.
  2. see the preview on shared links.
  3. copy order history without any trouble.
  4. get real-time ticket updates on iOS.

Fixing bugs in Product Recommender

We fixed the following bugs in the Product Recommender.

  1. Searching other products after selecting a product was removing the initially selected products.
  2. The feature was not working properly on Instagram and Line.
  3. WhatsApp does not support URL buttons. We are rethinking on how to restructure the product recommender for WABA Channel.

Instagram Feed is Live | 23 Feb 2022




Respond to Instagram Comments from MyAlice inbox

You can now respond to comments on one or multiple Instagram accounts from MyAlice inbox. You can also reply to users privately through Instagram DM, hide or remove sensitive comments, and auto-respond to user comments. Finally, you can manage messages, comments, and e-commerce orders from other channels in the same inbox.

Find more details here.




The Meta API has certain restrictions on fetching customer data. We tried to incorporate as many fields as we could. For instance, you can see username on Messenger and Instagram DM. Learn about Meta API limitations here.

Introducing Product Recommender | 15 Feb 2022




Share Products Directly in Your Inbox

You can now share or send product images from your WooCommerce/Shopify store directly to your customers on any channel in your MyAlice inbox.

product recommender.png



  1. We fixed some minor bugs in the Instagram and Shopify module.

  2. We also worked on fixing both iOS and Android bugs related to showing inbox links, download process, padding, and alignments.

Webchat Plugin Customization | 8 Feb 2022




Customize Webchat Style, Position, and Behavior

We have released three customization options for the webchat plugin. Users can —

  • white label the widget by removing the Chat by MyAlice message.

  • select the position of the widget on the website — left and right.

  • choose to show or hide the welcome message prompt.

Find more details here.

Improved Reporting

  1. Sales metrics will not be shown to non-ecommerce users, thus freeing up dashboard space.

  2. You can now see the tags and CSAT scores in the ticket list under Automation Metrics in the Reporting tab.

Private Replies to Facebook Comments

Replying privately to a Facebook comment will also show in the corresponding Messenger chat.



  1. Minimizing Shopify orders was sending error messages.

  2. The checkout URL copy icon wasn't functioning after creating an order.

NLP App Release | 1 February 2022





MyAlice NLU is a pre-built NLP app from our end, while INTNT is a pre-built NLP app from Activating either of the apps will allow you to:

  • Instantly connect NLP to your chatbots without creating a app from scratch.
  • Help your bots understand common human intents and keywords.
  • Create advanced user journeys and automate repetitive queries.

Get started on NLP here.



  1. Find an improved UI in selecting your account currency and timezone.

  2. Posts shared in Messenger and Instagram are now showing properly in the inbox.

  3. You can search through product variants while creating an e-commerce order.

  4. New and invited users have a better onboarding experience.  

Improvements & Bug Fixes | 19 January 2022




Custom Dashboard Logo

You can now update your team logo on your MyAlice dashboard. Go to Settings > Team Information and upload a square Team Avatar.





We also fixed a few bugs reported over the week.

  1. The flag icons in the Currency Section of Team Information are loading properly.

  2. The button to update user roles or remove users from the team is working now.

  3. We also updated the Smart Ticket Assignment radio button UI.

Release Notes | January 2022






Smart Ticket Assignment

You can now create smart rules to assign tickets to available or the least engaged agents in a round-robin format.


My Queue View

You can organize tickets in your inbox with three types of inbox views.

  1. My Queue view contains only the pending tickets assigned to you.
  2. All Queue view contains the pending tickets for the whole team.
  3. The Unassigned view contains the tickets which have not been assigned to anybody.

Currently, you will see the pending tickets in your inbox by default. Set a filter to view the resolved tickets.






Mobile App Updates

Here are new features & fixes for the MyAlice mobile app. You can now:

  1. See the visual representation of Quick replies, Buttons & Gallery in your inbox.
  2. Select multiple images from the mobile gallery.
  3. Download attachments, including images, video, and files.

Additionally, we fixed the single image upload issue in iOs and some other minor bugs.

Release Notes | December 2021




Introducing the Integrations Tab

Previously, the channel integrations were under the Settings tab, which confused our newly onboarded users. However, we have created a separate tab for Integrations now. Additionally, any user can now connect any channel on MyAlice through the self-guided window.

Screenshot 2022-01-09 at 4.27.50 PM.png




Revamped User Onboarding Flow

The previous onboarding flow did not guide users to the next steps. So, we revamped the user onboarding flow as a step-by-step process through which the new users can understand and access the core features to get the most out of MyAlice.






Improved Order Creation Process

  • Email and Phone fields are no longer mandatory during creating an order.

  • We removed the browser autofill option in the order creation flow to prevent a bug that was causing the UI to break in the second step.

  • After creating an order for a customer, the customer address info for the next order will be pre-filled.

  • Agents can now update an order's address-related information on Shopify from their MyAlice dashboard.