MXroute changelog
MXroute changelog

Push Notifications on iOS




We are slowly deploying push notification support for iOS users who use the Apple Mail app. This does not appear to require reconfiguration. However, the mail app does not appear to have alerts enabled by default, if this is desired. For that, go to Settings > Notifications > Mail > Customize Notifications > Select the account and enable Alerts.

Presently this is deployed on the Arrow server only. It will be slowly rolled out to all DirectAdmin-based servers (ex. every server with “” in the name, and a few others) within the next few weeks.

Edited to add servers as this is deployed:

1/25 - Redbull - Done

1/25 - Echo - Done

1/26 - Eagle - Done

1/27 - Pixel - Done

2/16 - All other DA-based servers - Done