MXroute changelog
MXroute changelog

OVH blacklisted at MXRBL




OVH IP ranges have been blacklisted at our RBL, We have an extensive whitelist that is intended to mitigate false positives. Whitelist requests for OVH IPs will need to be sent to

The amount of spam coming from OVH is obscene, and this issue leads to two types of customers who are equally pissed at all times:

  1. The one who thinks blacklisting an ASN is heavy handed.
  2. The one who is tired of OVH's absolute failure to mitigate spam in 2022.

One of these two will be pissed off and there is literally nothing we can do to prevent that. So we're trying to get the numbers just right, to see if we can piss off the least amount of users possible.