Neural Network + Rate Limiting

Rate limits have been removed from cPanel servers and instead set on the outbound email system. The settings:

Rate limit at: 100 emails to recipient in 1 hour 300 outbound emails from 1 sender in 1 hour

Additionally, we have enabled neural network functionality in rspamd in attempt to improve spam detection, as well as reduce false positives.

Temporary outbound route change

While we work on further improvements to our outbound email infrastructure, we've temporarily added in a new path in the routing.

Email which is rejected from two of our relays in a row will be sent to MailChannels for a final delivery attempt. It is unknown at this time if this is a sustainable workflow given the exponentially rising costs we experienced with that provider in the past.

Added Filter + IP Rotating Relay

We've finally re-launched filter001 (hostname formerly used by our first test around), to sit next to filter002 and share the workload of filtering outbound email. Additionally, we've added relay001 which rotates IP/hostname as relay002.

This will double our outbound processing capacity, as well as give us further mitigation against any temporary IP reputation issues.

This has been deployed, temporarily, on the Ghost server. Once IPs are warmed up a bit more, it will be deployed to the other servers.

Server "Ocean" migrated

Server Ocean successfully migrated. A few stray emails will arrive at the old server. They will be copied over after a bit of time passes. Emails you delete on the new server, between now and then, may reappear once.

Server "Ocean" migration

Server "ocean" is being migrated to new hardware. Expected impact will be a brief window where recently deleted emails reappear. We will warn of this as it occurs via our Twitter account.

Server "Ghost" migrated

Server migration successful. DNS switched. Worst expected impacts:

  1. Brief SSL error immediately resolving itself.
  2. Recently deleted emails reappearing one time.

Terms of Service Update

Terms of Service have been updated to reflect that MXroute is now a registered Limited Liability Corporation. This will assist in the necessary protection and transferability of assets in order to protect the integrity of MXroute services to it's customers as we continue to grow. MXroute ownership is not changing, this change is merely for business and legal reasons.

You can read the updated Terms of Service here:

(Further information and links to the registration data will be provided later)

MX1 & Galaxy to be merged

We are working on merging the Galaxy and MX1 servers which are based on VestaCP. No impact to customers expected. Both hostnames are expected to continue functioning for all purposes.

Server "One" migrated

Server migration was successful.

Servers "One" and "Ghost" migrating

Servers "One" and "Ghost" are in the process of being migrated. Minor to no impact expected for customers. Some deleted emails may reappear.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely MXroute will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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