London Migration - Physical move

The London server will be going down for a physical move on the 27th of July. This will begin at 1700 GMT and is expected to last one hour.

You should not lose any incoming email during this time. It is the default universally agreed upon standard for an email server to retry delivery when it cannot reach the recipient server. There are no services we are aware of that do not operate by this standard.

Banshee Migration - Added Expectations

As the server migration to better hardware progresses, two expectations are being added to the event:

  1. Some new emails temporarily disappearing, then reappearing soon after due to final sync.

  2. Crossbox (m x l o g i n beta email client) will be inaccessible for a brief period during the transition while we disconnect the old slave and reconnect the new.

The migration is proceeding well, but we are unable to give a timeline for expected events given the dynamic nature of the work.

Addon Domain Page Changes

When adding an Addon Domain in cPanel, it requires a Subdomain of your primary domain (the one you signed up with), and a Document Root (where it's website would be hosted). Because we do not use cPanel for web hosting, these are excess details that simply must exist to fulfill the needs of the control panel, and can be considered cosmetic and useless to you.

Previously, we had hidden these fields and generated a UDID on page load that would silently populate these fields. On rare occasions, however, the UDID generated by the cPanel function would not meet the requirements for the field, and would be rejected. This would require a page reload and another try to add the domain. At the time, this was deemed an acceptable limitation due to the frequent chargebacks that customers would issue upon visibility of the "subdomain" field (and they would openly state this as the reason). Until, however, the error strangely became more common on the Eagle server, leading to a chargeback as well. As chargebacks are costly to us, we have been trying to do our best to avoid them, especially where they occur simply because a feature is not beautiful enough in it's current iteration.

We have rolled back this page to it's original state, and it now appears with these Subdomain and Document Root fields. When you fill in the addon domain and hit Tab, the other fields populate themselves. On the rare occasion that the subdomain field is not unique and therefore fails (adding multiple of the same domain with different TLDs can cause this), simply fill any unique value there and be done with it.

We will continue to work toward a better and more seamless solution for adding domains without this annoyance, and hope that this is not too large of an inconvenience.

Scheduled Migration - Banshee

The Banshee server is scheduled for migration on Saturday, June 15th. These events are expected to result from the migration:

  1. A brief moment where your email clients return in error about the SSL certificate. To be resolved within 5 minutes.

  2. Recently moved or deleted emails reappearing. Once the migration is complete we do one final sync from the previous server. You may have moved an email from one folder to another, or perhaps deleted it, on the new server while it still exists in it's original location on the old one. This causes the email to reappear. It's a very specific set of actions in a very limited window that trigger it, and not something most users will see. If you do see it, consider it a one-time issue.

Outbound filters loosened

In an effort to more heavily test our outbound infrastructure, we have loosened outbound filters for the time being. This means that more emails (mostly forwarded emails) will be going out through our system. We will be watching for blocking and rate limiting from major service providers, and may scale this effort back in response should this occur significantly.

At this time we have scaled out our outbound infrastructure to an incredible size, and believe that it may be able to handle allowing more forwarded emails through it.

Added "BETA TEST" to Crossbox logo

The Crossbox email client (M X l o g i n) is not considered to work flawlessly for all users with our configuration at this time, and thus has been labeled "BETA TEST" to clarify expectations.

MXroute Manager template updated

Updated language on email account create page to clarify presence of randomly generated subdomains. Also updated DKIM page to reflect the intended UX. Fixed redirect when clicking Email Accounts.

Storage Adjusted

Our Small, Medium, and Large packages have all been increased in storage. To simplify our offering, the MX1, MX2, and MX3 packages have been removed from the front page.

Outbound Infra Upgrades In Progress

The previously deployed Dallas relays are now being deployed again. At the time of this update, three are in regular rotation. More relays will be added on a regular basis.

This work scales our outbound infrastructure to handle larger workloads, improves delivery quality to Microsoft, and provides geographic redundancy to our platform.

Outbound Infra Upgrades Temporarily Reverted

Recently 50 outbound relays were deployed in Dallas to compliment our existing relays in London, using fresh IP space to balance the load between two unique ranges. Due to an internal mistake on our part, these relays have been down since Dec 25th.

Customers will have seen no impact on this at all, this is entirely transparent and only impacts routing switches on our back-end. This update better serves as a timeline for background context on the underlying infrastructure.

All email continues to go through our IP space, and then through MailChannels if our IP's are rejected by the recipient server.