Outbound Infra Upgrades Temporarily Reverted

Recently 50 outbound relays were deployed in Dallas to compliment our existing relays in London, using fresh IP space to balance the load between two unique ranges. Due to an internal mistake on our part, these relays have been down since Dec 25th.

Customers will have seen no impact on this at all, this is entirely transparent and only impacts routing switches on our back-end. This update better serves as a timeline for background context on the underlying infrastructure.

All email continues to go through our IP space, and then through MailChannels if our IP's are rejected by the recipient server.

Spam reduction effort

In an effort to reduce inbound spam without tightening content filters, this list has been added as a block list on all servers:


This list will be updated on every server daily, IPs with 3 or more listings will be blocked. The expectation is that this will have 0 impact on the use of your account or the receiving of legitimate email, but will have a small net impact on your received spam, server performance, and our IP reputation (due to email forwarders).

Crossbox added to Friday

Crossbox has been added to the Friday server. In the URL for the server, you can replace "friday" with "mail" to access it directly.

So, for example, if the server URL is "friday.domain.com" then you can access it with "mail.domain.com" (where domain.com is representative of our domain, which we do not publish here for white labeling purposes).

Spam attacks from qq.com

Due to extreme spam attacks from qq.com, a widespread desire by customers to have loose inbound spam filters, and a widespread desire to use forwarders, we have set all inbound mail from qq.com addresses to a high enough spam score to cause them to be rejected.

If you wish to receive email from a qq.com address, you can whitelist them in your Spam Filters section in cPanel.

This will be visited again later when the spam attack stops.

Outbound Infrastructure Upgrades

Our outbound email infrastructure has been significantly upgraded. We have doubled capacity, created workflow to increase capacity further at a rapid pace, and added a second IP range to increase diversity.

We have obtained a new IP range that is of the cleanest reputation, and deployed new outbound relays in Dallas under this new IP range.

We hope to see this improve the quality of email delivery, specifically as it relates to landing in inboxes (where we can influence this).

Auto application of credit

By request, credit existing on an account will now be used to pay any open invoice automatically.

Eagle Migration - what you need to know

The Eagle server is in the process of being migrated to new hardware, to address sudden disk performance issues. As a customer on the Eagle server (you know if this is you), here are the things you should expect:

  1. The final event cannot be scheduled, doing so would mean a loss of data for customers (dynamic usage + rsync + network + iowait = not possible to calculate accurately, can only schedule if we accept data loss).
  2. The SSL certificate will briefly return invalid, causing errors in email clients. This will clear up in under 3 minutes.
  3. You may see emails that you have recently deleted appear again.
  4. You may see a few duplicated emails.
  5. You will absolutely see errors when this happens, in the range upwards of 5 minutes.

Note that many customers are seeing errors as a result of the performance issues, therefore the migration is expected to appear as little more than another brief moment of performance loss to the end user. Given that this is currently standard, inflicting it without a given schedule is something we consider tolerable given that it will be immediately followed by the end of the errors caused by performance issues.

We will alert again when complete.

Crossbox Test Phase 2

Crossbox has been set up again for a second testing phase, this time without branding. The new server hostname will not be published in public documentation, for the sake of branding removal. You can find your way to it by visiting the previous URL. The rest of the information in the previous update is still good:


This will currently function for ALL cPanel based servers (everything but our old VestaCP servers), including Eagle which had been left out of the first phase.

Planned outage for Crossbox

The mail.mxroute.com installation of Crossbox will be disabled today for some additional work. As this is still in a testing phase and not yet a marketed product, there will be no extra notice.

Central host for Webmail, SMTP, IMAP, POP3

With the help of Crossbox, we now have a central server for webmail, SMTP, IMAP, and POP3. Currently, this is in what is considered a testing phase which means:

  • Welcome emails will still contain the same information
  • No documentation will be updated
  • No links will be updated

A couple key things to note as well:

  • This is only for our cPanel servers
  • It has currently been rolled out for all but Eagle server

You can find this server here: https://mail.mxroute.com

On the mail.mxroute.com host, you can find these ports open for services:

IMAP: 143

SMTP: 587

POP3: 110
POP3 SSL: 995

No published changelogs yet.

Surely MXroute will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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