Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

Morgen ♥ Videoconferencing




With release 2.4.0, we introduced native integrations with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. You will be able to create ad-hoc rooms for newly-created events. Morgen will generate a one-time virtual room and attach it to your meeting. This works for events booked via Morgen Scheduling Links as well.

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You can still configure your permanent meeting rooms in Morgen settings. While this works best with Zoom, where the concept of a "waiting room" is well designed, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet work better with a one-off link generated for each meeting.

To start with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, visit the Integrations tab in Morgen settings.

The native integration with Zoom and other providers is coming soon!




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We also have some other improvements to share:

  • on the Week, 2 Weeks, or Month view, you can now click on a date and jump into the Day view for that day
  • we gave the event details popup more space to visualize the event notes
  • we have changed the look and feel of this changelog, we are now using Headwayapp, and we love it!


  • we fixed an issue preventing the use of Morgen Scheduling Links with some CalDAV providers (namely Zoho and Fastmail)
  • the event widget popup was moving too much while editing an event, this is now fixed
  • the declining of events on Office 365 or Outlook was erroneously showing an error message, this is now fixed
  • we fixed a program that could have caused an infinite loop and related memory leaks in some rare cases
  • we fixed a problem preventing the re-scheduling of a task as all-day event