Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

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Landing page

You can now organize your Morgen links in a public page accessible at<your-name>. You can decide which links should be visible on your personal booking page, and which ones should stay private (only accessible with a direct link). You can also personalize your booking page title and welcome message, as well as the look and feel with your name, company, and logo.

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Email reminders for Morgen Links

We know how easy it is to forget an appointment and we don't want this to happen to your attendees. You can now set Morgen to send email reminders to both you and your attendees for all meetings scheduled through a Morgen link. You can add multiple reminders that will be delivered timely before the start of the appointment.

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White Labeling

Morgen Pro users can now customize the appearance of Morgen link pages, as well as the one of all the emails that are sent to the meeting attendees on your behalf. It is now possible to change your company logo, brand color, and hide references to Morgen.



  • It is now possible to embed a Morgen link into your web page
  • Everyone booking a meeting with you with a Morgen link will now receive an additional confirmation by email, including buttons to add the appointment to the calendar
  • The Morgen links are now customizable to look more friendly
  • You can now assign a custom name for each of your calendars. This is handy when you have multiple accounts and some of the calendars have the same name
  • The attendee autocompletion now also relies on the person's name (before it was only looking at the email address)


  • We fixed an issue on the Morgen link widget preventing the correct navigation through months
  • We fixed an issue that could sometimes cause events to disappear from the calendar view