Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

Markdown for Task names




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Markdown support

We’re excited to introduce markdown support for task names, letting you highlight what’s most important. You can now style task names, applying bold, italic, or hyperlinks. Since markdown to-dos are common in Todoist, imported tasks will now maintain their style when displayed in Morgen, both in the sidebar and calendar.



  • New: Danish date-time locale
  • New: Right-click contextual menu in the Agenda view
  • Improved: More robust parsing of malformed CalDAV events
  • Improved: Calendar refresh icon is consistent with the sidebar


  • An issue that occurred when copying an event where the new timezone differs from the original one has been fixed
  • Morgen custom notifications on Linux are back on track
  • We fixed an issue that caused possible double bookings from scheduling links when clicking twice on the Confirmation button