Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

Introducing Native Task Integrations (& more)






Morgen 2.5.0 is here with great news: native integrations with your favorite tools, such as Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, and Microsoft Email! While you could already import external tasks via Zapier, implementing the proper pipeline with Zapier is sometimes hard (and expensive 💰). We know that the right experience can only be achieved with more tight integration between Morgen and other tools.

Starting today, you can integrate Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, and Outlook email directly, without the need for third-party services. This is just the start, more native integrations will come soon.


✅ Todoist, Google Tasks, and Microsoft To Do: organize your day, directly from your calendar

  • Visualize your open tasks directly in Morgen, organized according to the same task lists and projects as you are used to.
  • Plan your time and block your calendar with a simple drag and drop - tasks will be converted to calendar events and marked as private, so the details will not be visible to the people you are sharing your calendar with.
  • Close a task, once the job is done - Morgen will also close the task on the original tool as well.


📧 Outlook Mail: never miss a follow-up

  • Visualize flagged Office 365 emails will be shown in Morgen as tasks, thanks to the Outlook integration - while going through your email, you can now flag those emails you want to follow up later and Morgen will show them in your task list.
  • Jump to the original email in one click.
  • Remove the flag once the corresponding task is marked as done in Morgen.





Recurrent Tasks

Morgen adds full support for recurrent tasks. If you schedule a Morgen task, you can now decide to set it daily, weekly, monthly, or even to follow more complex patterns. The tasks will appear in your calendar so you can better organize your time.




Improved Task & Event editor

The Task & Event editor has been reworked to be simpler to use and more consistent. You can now create a task directly from your calendar. We also make the calendar selector easier to find and gave your notes more space.





A all-new look for your tasks

Tasks scheduled in your calendar will now appear with a new, clean and minimal style. This sets tasks apart from calendar events, so you know what is coming at a glance.





New toggles to customize Morgen to your needs

  • Hide completed tasks: Morgen can now automatically hide completed tasks from your calendar - completed tasks are marked as free, so they won't block your calendar.
  • Widen current day: you can now decide whether the current day column in the Weekly and 2 Weeks view should be larger than the others.


  • Fixed a problem of Morgen Scheduling Links with Fastmail calendar.
  • Fixed an issue causing links in the event description to duplicate after each change.
  • Fixed an issue causing some transparent events to be barely readable.

Besides the announcements above, we have worked hard to bring several more improvements and fixes to this release. If you feel like sharing your feedback with us, don't hesitate to reach out!

Have a great day!