Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

Event Merging & Other improvements




When you are working with shared calendars, duplicate events inevitably start cluttering your calendar view.

Now Morgen can merge identical events appearing on different calendars: events with the same time and identifier are merged, beautifully. At the same time, you keep the ability to edit each instance individually.


How? Event merging can be enabled from the calendar view dropdown, where you can also customize other visual aspects of your calendar.




  • We improved the parsing of external .ics files, making it more robust to malformed data.
  • We increased the sensitive area for clicks on events, thus making the selection of very short events easier.
  • We made the creation of new events in the calendar more precise, with the event starting time now rounded according to the "Time Dragging Resolution" setting, instead of "Time Display Resolution".


  • The confirmation dialog for actions on calendar events was displayed even when not necessary. This has been fixed now.
  • We fixed event invitations with some CalDAV providers.
  • We fixed a problem causing the creation of events to be in a hanging state for too long.
  • We fixed the Notes field, where links were not clickable anymore in the latest release.
  • We fixed a bug causing deleted tags to remain set on events in a sort of invisible state 👻.



Version 2.5.2: with recent updates, some CalDAV providers started reporting errors while trying to update or create an event. Morgen 2.5.2 fixes this issue.