Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

Introducing Availability Sharing (Beta)




Now in closed Beta: Team Availability Sharing.

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Teams that use Google Workspace or Office 365 will now be able to see each other's availability, based on their company settings.

You can also elect to share your consolidated availability, based on your availability across all your calendars (personal and professional) with other Morgen users inside and outside your organization. All event details are excluded.

If you work in a team and would like early access, you can request to join the closed beta.

Other improvements coming to Morgen Desktop:



  • Calendar events can now be dragged and dropped across weeks.
  • The tray icon on macOS and Linux has been restyled to better fit the system design and now displays the current date.
  • We added guidance when connecting a calendar account to help you choose between "Office 365" and "Outlook / Exchange."
  • General UI improvements.


  • We fixed an issue causing the event merging functionality to turn off.

🌚 Dark Mode, Calendar Views & More




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We are excited to announce major improvements to the Morgen app for iOS and Android based on your feedback!

Improved Performance: The mobile app is now much faster upon launch.

Dark Theme: Night owls, this ones for you. Morgen now has dark mode on mobile. Light and dark modes will automatically adjust based on your system settings.

Calendar Views: A 3-day view and an agenda view are now available. It's also now faster to navigate across weeks.

πŸ‘‰ Are you keen to use Morgen on your mobile device? All subscribers to Morgen's Pro and Personal plans have early access.

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Important fixes and improvements are also coming on Morgen for Desktop.




We improved macOS Ventura compatibility, including a fix to avoid the Login Item notification that was popping up every time Morgen launched.




We fixed an issue that was causing calendar events to not be displayed when time zone changes were made or once a computer resumed from sleep.

Morgen is hiring: We're hiring Software Engineers and Product Designers to join our team and shape the future of time management. Typescript gurus and Figma magicians based in GMT+-2, we'd love to talk! Please reach out to learn more.

Month View Restyle & Peformance Improvements πŸš€




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We've restyled the Month View to make all-day and timed events easier to distinguish at a glance. We're excited to hear what you think about the update.



  • We've tuned performance of the most common calendar interactions, including event creation and deletion, switching between weeks, and making updates.

  • Morgen CalDAV connector now supports Digest Authentication, increasing the number of calendars we support.

One more thing…

πŸ‘‰ Morgen is hiring: We're hiring Software Engineers and Product Designers to join our team and shape the future of time management. Typescript gurus and Figma magicians based in GMT+-2, we'd love to talk! Please reach out to learn more.

⚑ General Improvements & Fixes

This release brings to Morgen several improvements and fixes. You can find the most relevant ones listed below.



  • The maximum "No Later than" option of Scheduling Links has been extended to 4 months.
  • Scheduling Links now load faster.


  • We fixed some reported issues with the Team's Availability feature. This feature is still in Beta. Please contact us if you'd like to get early access.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the notes of new tasks created in the calendar to be saved.
  • We fixed the validation of attendees' email addresses. Some domains were not recognized correctly.
  • Fixed a crash happening when removing a calendar account.

In the meanwhile, we are working to make the Morgen app for iOS and Android faster as well as to enhance it with additional calendar views. Oh, did I mention the dark theme? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your feedback!

🌰 October Tweaks

This release brings to Morgen several improvements and fixes. You can find the most relevant ones listed below.

πŸ‘‰ Spoiler alert - our team is currently working hard on a highly-requested feature, accessing your team's availability while scheduling a new event. We are looking for testers. If you work in a team and you think this feature is critical for you, please reach out to us for early access.



  • We improved the date & time picker on the event panel. The calendar widget can now be closed by hitting ESC and does not prevent navigation across the event fields using TAB.


  • We fixed an issue causing high CPU (and sometimes GPU) usage by stopping animations that are not needed.
  • We fixed a bug causing some event titles not to be displayed.
  • We fixed the timezone widget, which was not always displayed at the same time highlighted by the cursor on the timeline.
  • We also fixed the authentication with Outlook for those accounts that don't have an @outlook, @hotmail, or other Microsoft email address.
  • We fixed an issue preventing moving an event across two iCloud calendars on the same account.

Feel free to reach out and let us know your feedback.

September Improvements & Thanks πŸ™




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Morgen was voted Product of the Day on Product Hunt! πŸŽ‰ We were blown away and inspired by how many people took the time to share their love for Morgen in the comments on our launch. Thank you! 😊

We received a lot of rich feedback and feature requests during the launch. Dominating the wish list were requests for Notion, Asana and Trello integrations. If you want to let us know which integrations are most important to you, please visit our public roadmap πŸ‘‰



  • Morgen has a new date & time picker to change the start and end times of an event. We also fixed an issue with the date selection.
  • The Timezone Helper is now easier to read thanks to a clearer indication of what time is highlighted.


  • We fixed two small issues with the event notes: empty lines are no longer added to the notes and formatting tags are not added on Google Calendar events if not needed.
  • We fixed the Contact Us button in the app settings - it was not behaving as expected on some platforms.

Introducing the Webex Integration ✨




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Morgen now integrates with Webex!

Webex links can now be added to any event in Morgen in a single click. This new integration is in Beta and is available as part of Morgen Pro. Go to the Integrations tab in the Morgen settings to connect your Webex account.



  • Norwegian local date and time formatting is now supported. πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

Please share your feedback and stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

Improving Meeting Notes πŸ“




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Morgen introduces support for basic formatting options (bold, italic, etc.) for your event notes. This makes it easier to structure your meeting agenda and action items. This is only the first step towards better meeting notes in Morgen, stay tuned ;)

Note: rich formatting is available for events stored in Google Calendar and Outlook. Unfortunately, this is not a standard for CalDAV providers.




This release also brings some bug fixes and improvements:

  • we fixed a problem sometimes causing a cryptic error message Missing iCalUID when importing events from a .ics file.
  • we fixed the due date on tasks coming from the Microsoft To Do integrations, which was sometimes off by one day

As always, feel free to reach out and let us know what you think about the latest changes. We'd love to hear your feedback on both Morgen for Desktop and the brand new Morgen mobile experience.

Introducing Morgen for Mobile 🀩




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The most requested Morgen feature of all time is here!

πŸ‘‰ Early access to Morgen for iOS and Android is now available. Capacity is still limited, so access to the mobile app is available to Morgen subscribers (personal and pro plans) only at this time.

The mobile app includes the most used and relied on Morgen features. We continue to develop, so you can expect it to keep getting better. In the meantime, we want to hear your feedback.

To download, select 'Get Morgen for iOS and Android' after clicking on your user avatar in the upper-right corner.



  • Events scheduled in Morgen with a Teams meeting now correctly trigger the Join button in the MS Teams app.


  • Sometimes subtasks coming from external sources (Todoist, Microsoft To Do) were displayed in the wrong order. Now they are always anchored to the parent task.
  • We fixed a synchronization issue that could arise with some CalDAV providers.
  • We fixed a problem causing the memory usage of Morgen to grow over time - now Morgen will be less resource intensive on your system.

Copy-Pasting & Summer Tweaks





Sometimes copy-pasting an event to another day comes in handy so we made it easier. Use Right click -> Copy followed by Right click -> Paste on an empty slot. You can paste the same events multiple times if you wish.




This release comes with a number of other improvements. Here at the main ones:

  • UTC can be selected as a primary or secondary time zone
  • when you copy availability as text, the time zone abbreviation now respects Daylight saving
  • in the (unlikely πŸ˜‰) case that something goes wrong with one of the tasks or video conferencing integrations, Morgen will let you know more clearly
  • the event merging feature is now enabled by default

That would be all for now. Looking forward to your feedback!