Morgen changelog
Morgen changelog

Flexible Week & MS To Do Subtasks





Flexible week

Sometimes you want to focus on the near future, sometimes you want to plan ahead. For every use case, Morgen now allows you to quickly customize your week view to display 1 to 10 days. Use Command+number on macOS and CTRL+number on Linux and Windows.




✅ Microsoft To Do subtasks

Consistent with the Todoist integration, Morgen now displays subtasks from Microsoft To Do.



  • Improved visualization of calendar events that end at midnight.
  • It's now possible to switch calendar views using shortcuts when creating or editing a one-time link.



Automatic logouts on Linux (Snap)

In this release, we fixed a problem that was reported by several users who had installed Morgen through the Snap Store. The problem of automatic logouts during the automatic app update has been fixed. You will need to uninstall and reinstall Morgen for this change to take effect.

Some more fixes:

  • Fixed the display of some Greek characters in event titles.
  • Google Meet links now correctly redirect to the default browser.
  • Fixed some formatting issues in the scheduling link reminders.
  • Morgen no longer sends out outdated reminders for booked meetings that have been cancelled or rescheduled by the organizer.

New in Morgen - May Edition 🌳




We have made some major redesign to our onboarding to guide you through the configuration and first steps with Morgen. This will arguably benefit new users first, but it is the foundation of a proper Help Center that will help everyone use Morgen at its full potential!

Hint: you can now hit "?" to open the FAQs and a form to reach out to us.




We also brought several improvements, including:

  • An improved Month view, where the current day is better highlighted and the time of the events is visible again 😉.
  • We made private Office 365 / Exchange events actually private - it turns out that Microsoft does not redact the private information from your private events. Instead, Microsoft confidently relies on calendar clients to do that 🤔.
  • We added some more options for the duration and buffer time of the Morgen Scheduling Links.



Finally, a few fixes (thanks for reporting!)

  • We resolved an issue while moving an event from one calendar to another. Before, the event was often not deleted from the old calendar, thus resulting in a duplicate.
  • We fixed a couple of small glitches, with Tasks and Scheduling Links.
  • We fixed a bug causing inconsistent calendar names in different parts of the Morgen app interface.

Easter Improvements 🐰

This release contains mostly internal changes to power the awesome features that are coming next, but there is also some great news.




In the free plan, the number of meetings that can be booked with a Morgen Scheduling Link increases from 5/month to unlimited! The free includes one active Recurrent Scheduling Link at a time, while One-time Scheduling Links remain unlimited.

Not yet explored the full potential of Morgen Scheduling Links? Visit to see how this can simplify your scheduling.




We are also bringing some fixes for problems that have been reported to us, for example

  • We fixed an issue saving events with some CalDAV providers.
  • We fixed a problem causing tasks lists to disappear when renamed using an empty title.

Don't hesitate to reach out with your feedback or just to say hi 👋

Event Merging & Other improvements




When you are working with shared calendars, duplicate events inevitably start cluttering your calendar view.

Now Morgen can merge identical events appearing on different calendars: events with the same time and identifier are merged, beautifully. At the same time, you keep the ability to edit each instance individually.


How? Event merging can be enabled from the calendar view dropdown, where you can also customize other visual aspects of your calendar.




  • We improved the parsing of external .ics files, making it more robust to malformed data.
  • We increased the sensitive area for clicks on events, thus making the selection of very short events easier.
  • We made the creation of new events in the calendar more precise, with the event starting time now rounded according to the "Time Dragging Resolution" setting, instead of "Time Display Resolution".


  • The confirmation dialog for actions on calendar events was displayed even when not necessary. This has been fixed now.
  • We fixed event invitations with some CalDAV providers.
  • We fixed a problem causing the creation of events to be in a hanging state for too long.
  • We fixed the Notes field, where links were not clickable anymore in the latest release.
  • We fixed a bug causing deleted tags to remain set on events in a sort of invisible state 👻.



Version 2.5.2: with recent updates, some CalDAV providers started reporting errors while trying to update or create an event. Morgen 2.5.2 fixes this issue.

Introducing Native Task Integrations (& more)






Morgen 2.5.0 is here with great news: native integrations with your favorite tools, such as Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, and Microsoft Email! While you could already import external tasks via Zapier, implementing the proper pipeline with Zapier is sometimes hard (and expensive 💰). We know that the right experience can only be achieved with more tight integration between Morgen and other tools.

Starting today, you can integrate Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, and Outlook email directly, without the need for third-party services. This is just the start, more native integrations will come soon.


✅ Todoist, Google Tasks, and Microsoft To Do: organize your day, directly from your calendar

  • Visualize your open tasks directly in Morgen, organized according to the same task lists and projects as you are used to.
  • Plan your time and block your calendar with a simple drag and drop - tasks will be converted to calendar events and marked as private, so the details will not be visible to the people you are sharing your calendar with.
  • Close a task, once the job is done - Morgen will also close the task on the original tool as well.


📧 Outlook Mail: never miss a follow-up

  • Visualize flagged Office 365 emails will be shown in Morgen as tasks, thanks to the Outlook integration - while going through your email, you can now flag those emails you want to follow up later and Morgen will show them in your task list.
  • Jump to the original email in one click.
  • Remove the flag once the corresponding task is marked as done in Morgen.





Recurrent Tasks

Morgen adds full support for recurrent tasks. If you schedule a Morgen task, you can now decide to set it daily, weekly, monthly, or even to follow more complex patterns. The tasks will appear in your calendar so you can better organize your time.




Improved Task & Event editor

The Task & Event editor has been reworked to be simpler to use and more consistent. You can now create a task directly from your calendar. We also make the calendar selector easier to find and gave your notes more space.





A all-new look for your tasks

Tasks scheduled in your calendar will now appear with a new, clean and minimal style. This sets tasks apart from calendar events, so you know what is coming at a glance.





New toggles to customize Morgen to your needs

  • Hide completed tasks: Morgen can now automatically hide completed tasks from your calendar - completed tasks are marked as free, so they won't block your calendar.
  • Widen current day: you can now decide whether the current day column in the Weekly and 2 Weeks view should be larger than the others.


  • Fixed a problem of Morgen Scheduling Links with Fastmail calendar.
  • Fixed an issue causing links in the event description to duplicate after each change.
  • Fixed an issue causing some transparent events to be barely readable.

Besides the announcements above, we have worked hard to bring several more improvements and fixes to this release. If you feel like sharing your feedback with us, don't hesitate to reach out!

Have a great day!

General Improvements - February edition




While we are finalizing our next big release (spoiler: starts with T, ends with ODOIST 🤫), here we focus on a number of smaller improvements that you have been asking for in the last few weeks 🙏🏻.

  • The event details popup now sticks to its position when the date of the event goes beyond the currently displayed time window.
  • Meetings booked with Morgen Scheduling Links now show the attendee's name first, thus making it easier for you to keep track of the person you are talking to.
  • The Quick Join button is now displayed only for calendars with read & write access - this filters out read-only calendars of your colleagues.



This release also brings a number of fixes:

  • We fixed a bug preventing the creation of weekly or yearly recurrent events with Exchange/O365.
  • We fixed an issue causing sometimes a lag between the creation of an event in Morgen and its propagation to the calendar provider.
  • We fixed an issue causing some Exchange delegate calendars not to be displayed.
  • We fixed an issue causing some Exchange events not to display the correct RSVP status.
  • We fixed an issue causing some all-day events from Google Calendar to be displayed at midnight instead.
  • We made several other adjustments that make us proud but are a bit too technical to be shared here ✨

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with your feedback!

CalDAV Shared Calendars & Static IP




This release introduces several improvements and fixes for CalDAV calendars. First and foremost, Morgen now fully supports CalDAV delegate access. This means that you can see all calendars that have been shared with you by another person. Before it was only possible to add such calendars by entering their full URL, which was not always easy to find.

To see a full list of calendars you have access to, reconnect your account using the "Reconnect" button.

Changelog media.png

We also have some other improvements coming along.




We now offer the possibility to set up a static IP address for our scheduler to access your calendar when somebody loads one of your Morgen Scheduling Links. This is important if you need to whitelist our servers on your firewall, for example, Azure Conditional Access. This is an option available on-demand in the Morgen Pro plan.

If white-listing a location is enough, you'll just need to know that all the requests come from our servers located in Zurich, Switzerland.



  • We fixed an issue affecting some recurrent daily events. Depending on the timezone, it could happen that the series would end one day too early or one day too late. This was affecting CalDAV as well as Exchange calendars and has now been fixed.
  • Again talking about timezones, we fixed a problem parsing some non-standard timezones on CalDAV, which was preventing the correct visualization of these events.

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Zoom, Roadmap & Other improvements




The native Zoom integration is now available! It took a few weeks for Zoom to perform a security review of Morgen and giving us green light, but finally here it is. As with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, you can now create an ad-hoc meeting link for each new event scheduled manually or through a Morgen Scheduling link.

Changelog videoconferencing.png




We believe it is important to share with you what we are working on, and what are our plans for the future of Morgen. This also gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, comments and feature requests.

With the start of 2022, we have decided to replace the closed feedback board with a more open roadmap platform that is accessible from both the Morgen app and our website. Open to everyone, no registration required.

👉 Check out what is coming next and let us know how you plan to use it to make your life easier!

Feature add guest (19).png

Needless to say that all the comments from the previous feedback platform have been reorganised in our internal backlog. Be assured that no comment will be lost.




You can now embed your Personal Booking page on your website. A button with the instructions to do so have been added to Morgen.



  • The one-click Join button for virtual meetings now appears only for meetings you are attending (and not, for example, for meetings that are only on your colleagues calendars)
  • Virtual room links are now displayed in the confirmation and reminder emails that are sent to your attendees, when they book a meeting using a Morgen Scheduling link


  • We fixed the categorisation of some CalDAV calendars, erroneously considered read-only, which was preventing the editing of the events
  • We fixed a problem causing some Office 365 accounts to load forever in case of bad internet connection
  • We fixed some layout glitches, like the sidebar header moving behind the macOS traffic light buttons and the scheduler tooltip being hardly readable

📅 Morgen Links, superpowered




Landing page

You can now organize your Morgen links in a public page accessible at<your-name>. You can decide which links should be visible on your personal booking page, and which ones should stay private (only accessible with a direct link). You can also personalize your booking page title and welcome message, as well as the look and feel with your name, company, and logo.

Changelog landing page.png





Email reminders for Morgen Links

We know how easy it is to forget an appointment and we don't want this to happen to your attendees. You can now set Morgen to send email reminders to both you and your attendees for all meetings scheduled through a Morgen link. You can add multiple reminders that will be delivered timely before the start of the appointment.

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 13.54.00.png




White Labeling

Morgen Pro users can now customize the appearance of Morgen link pages, as well as the one of all the emails that are sent to the meeting attendees on your behalf. It is now possible to change your company logo, brand color, and hide references to Morgen.



  • It is now possible to embed a Morgen link into your web page
  • Everyone booking a meeting with you with a Morgen link will now receive an additional confirmation by email, including buttons to add the appointment to the calendar
  • The Morgen links are now customizable to look more friendly
  • You can now assign a custom name for each of your calendars. This is handy when you have multiple accounts and some of the calendars have the same name
  • The attendee autocompletion now also relies on the person's name (before it was only looking at the email address)


  • We fixed an issue on the Morgen link widget preventing the correct navigation through months
  • We fixed an issue that could sometimes cause events to disappear from the calendar view

Morgen ♥ Videoconferencing




With release 2.4.0, we introduced native integrations with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. You will be able to create ad-hoc rooms for newly-created events. Morgen will generate a one-time virtual room and attach it to your meeting. This works for events booked via Morgen Scheduling Links as well.

Untitled (940 x 400 px) (1).png

You can still configure your permanent meeting rooms in Morgen settings. While this works best with Zoom, where the concept of a "waiting room" is well designed, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet work better with a one-off link generated for each meeting.

To start with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, visit the Integrations tab in Morgen settings.

The native integration with Zoom and other providers is coming soon!




🎉 Refer a friend and get a reward

Check out the new Morgen referral program to learn how to get a discount on Morgen Pro for you and your colleagues and friends. You can even get Morgen Pro for free forever!




We also have some other improvements to share:

  • on the Week, 2 Weeks, or Month view, you can now click on a date and jump into the Day view for that day
  • we gave the event details popup more space to visualize the event notes
  • we have changed the look and feel of this changelog, we are now using Headwayapp, and we love it!


  • we fixed an issue preventing the use of Morgen Scheduling Links with some CalDAV providers (namely Zoho and Fastmail)
  • the event widget popup was moving too much while editing an event, this is now fixed
  • the declining of events on Office 365 or Outlook was erroneously showing an error message, this is now fixed
  • we fixed a program that could have caused an infinite loop and related memory leaks in some rare cases
  • we fixed a problem preventing the re-scheduling of a task as all-day event