Support for Databricks

We’ve added support for Databricks as a datasource in Mode. To connect to Databricks, first navigate to the Databricks cluster detail page > Advanced Options > JDBC/ODBC tab. Take down the following information:

  • host name
  • port (defaults to 443)
  • database name
  • an authentication token created specifically for your Mode connection (see documentation for more info)
  • the "HTTP path" field

For help finding the settings in the Databricks cluster, check out the Databricks documentation.

In Mode, select Connect a Database in the left hand navigation. In the dropdown list, select Databricks Spark. From there, complete the fields with the above information. Once connected, you can build and share visualizations created on Databricks data.


Please note: users will need to use HiveQL when querying Databricks data in Mode.

If you’d like to connect Mode to a Databricks instance on your internal network, you can use a Bridge Connector.