Mode release notes
Mode release notes

April Improvements

  • Improved search of reports within Spaces
  • Enhanced the Members page: added the ability to search for users, filter for pending and former users, and identify users whose invitations have been rescinded or denied
  • Updated API Reference with new information about schedules and subscriptions
  • Updated API Reference with new information about chart types
  • Improved managing scheduled report runs — this may now be done directly within an organization’s settings.
  • Added a feature to the Datasets tab that shows a column’s full name in hover when the name is cut off
  • Added a user preference to enable/disable the "Limit 100" checkbox on new queries
  • Added user preferences for SQL autocomplete
  • Added a new toolbar for the Report Builder
  • Surfaced Report Themes and "full-width" options in the new Report Builder toolbar
  • Improved tooltips on Quick Sort buttons in Grouped Bar charts
  • Enabled increase/decrease decimal buttons by default for measures in table visualizations
  • Changed initial height for legacy Display Tables to "Medium" in the Report Builder
  • Improved connection error messages