Answer more questions with Helix

We’ve launched our high performance in-memory data processing system, Helix. Now every query you run in Mode will automatically stream data into our responsive data engine, so that you and your team can visually explore results up to tens of millions of rows.

With Helix, data teams will spend less time on up-front aggregation and calculation — this is no longer a two-step architecture. You can now consolidate multiple queries into one single query to return a larger result set to then slice and dice for additional dimensionality.

Additionally, users can now build reports that rely on filters, rather than parameters for column-specific entries. This reduces database load previously created by parameter use, and empowers a more flexible and fluid report.

Updates to query results sizes

Mode Studio users can view, chart, export, and access the Notebook for query results up to 10 MB.

For Mode Business and Enterprise customers, we offer different plans that support your specific use case. Talk with our customer success team directly to learn more about Helix.