Support for additional notebook libraries

We've added more options to support public libraries in the Notebook, such as those hosted at pipy, CRAN, and public-facing GitHub repositories. Use “pip” for Python and ”install” for R to add a public library to your current Notebook session. Please note: this option is supported for Python 3.6 and R.

To install:

In Python Notebooks: The following commands should be entered in a Notebook cell (using “bloom-filter” as an example library; the >/dev/null 2>&1 will prevent distracting installation messages):

! pip install bloom-filter -t "/tmp" > /dev/null 2>&1

Then, do a regular import in a subsequent cell as for other libraries - for example:

from bloom_filter import BloomFilter

In R Notebooks: The following commands should be entered in a Notebook cell (using “random” as an example package):

install.packages("random", lib="/tmp/")

library("random", lib.loc="/tmp/")

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug in the editor, which showed a duplicate "Run" button when using cmd + enter to run a query.
  • We also fixed a bug which prevented the removal of text boxes from the report builder.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that prevented multiselect parameters from working in White-Label Embeds.
  • We've fixed a Notebook bug in which typing in the search bar would trigger hotkeys and unintentionally create new cells.
  • We've resolved a bug where moving a Notebook cell up caused the output content to disappear.

Improved report loading experience

We've updated our loading state and messages when your report is loading, so that you can better preview it as it returns.

Now, as your report is returning, you'll see:

  • The title of your chart
  • A preview of the chart type that's loading
  • Mode Business users can customize this preview using custom themes, including fonts, background color, and chart colors.

Branding-free external sharing

The default appearance for emails and PDF exports of Mode reports with external sharing enabled has improved. Now, emails and PDFs shared externally will not contain Mode branding.

Cropping in expanded view

Fixed a bug in which table and Notebook outputs were cropped in the expanded view.

Save markdown cells in the Notebook

Fixed a bug in which unsaved changes to markdown cells would be lost upon refreshing the Notebook. Now, your formatting in markdown will be saved after each cell run.

Improvements to semicolon handling

We've improved the handling of semicolons in the SQL editor, so you can split SQL statements or use them as part of a custom function (for example, user defined functions when using BigQuery) .

To use a custom function, you'll add the escape sequence <;> before and after a semicolon to specify that you would like the statements to run as a single query.

For example, SELECT 'foo'<;> FROM 'bar' would run as one query: SELECT 'foo'; FROM 'bar'.

To split SQL statements, use a semicolon without the escape sequence. For example: SELECT 'foo'; SELECT 'bar', on the other hand, would run as two queries: SELECT 'foo' and SELECT 'bar'.

Hung Python/R cells in Report Builder

Fixed an error in which Notebook cells would appear to be running even after the cell run or query powering the cell run had failed. Now, when viewing a report powered by a failed Notebook cell, you'll see an accurate message to that effect.

Tab autocomplete for methods in Notebook

Now in the Notebook, you can browse methods for a given object in-line and tab to autocomplete them.

When referencing an object, hit . and then tab to view a dropdown of all methods available for that object. To select a method, simply hit enter.


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