Resolutions to query functionality

  • Fixed an issue where users weren't able to click on the last line of a query.
  • Fixed BigQuery prepending issues for both standard and legacy SQL. If your connection is set to run legacy syntax, you can prepend the command to run as standard SQL. The same is true if you're on standard SQL and you'd like to run as legacy.

BigQuery time stamps

Resolved a known issues in Google BigQuery where where 12:00 (noon) datetime values were being represented as 00:00 (midnight).

Large result set error messages

When your query results are too large to display in the browser, you'll now get a more helpful error message. The message will tell you how big your results are, and suggest a limit to help you return results small enough to view and work with in the browser. Untitled_Report_-_Editing_🔊.png

Flag duplicate columns in query results

When returning results that reference multiple columns of the same name, your results will now include all of the columns and flag them as duplicates.

Screenshot 2018-08-08 13.18.10.png

Run status in the browser tab

We added the ability to see the current status of report runs right in the browser tab. Your browser tab will now update to show you if a run is still in progress, failed, or successfully completed.

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Support for new data sources

Added support for new database connectors: TimescaleDB, MariaDB, and Aurora.

Sync your Mode org to GitHub

When enabled, changes you make to Mode reports will be synced to Github and vice versa.


Note: Mode Business feature.

Database connection

We have improved the database connection flow to make it easier to find databases, and easier to move through the connection process. If we don't support your data source, there's now an option to tell us what you'd like to use.

Screenshot 2018-07-31 13.46.38.png

Small fixes to the report editor and themes

  • Fixed an issue with rendering the query status indicator in the report editor.
  • Fixed a minor issue with font colors that were difficult to read in pivot tables and dark themes.
  • Resolved a number of minor usability and performance bugs.

New chart types and swap axes

We've added 4 new chart types: horizontal grouped bar, horizontal stacked bar, horizontal 100% bar, and vertical 100% bar charts.

Click the swap button after you’ve made a bar chart to see which orientation works best.


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