Hung Python/R cells in Report Builder

Fixed an error in which Notebook cells would appear to be running even after the cell run had failed. Now, when viewing a report powered by a failed Notebook cell, you'll see an accurate message to that effect.

Tab autocomplete for methods in Notebook

Now in the Notebook, you can browse methods for a given object in-line and tab to autocomplete them.

When referencing an object, hit . and then tab to view a dropdown of all methods available for that object. To select a method, simply hit enter.


Remove links from shared reports

You can now choose whether or not to include links to Mode reports when you share them via email, Slack, or PDF.

To remove report links when sharing, simply go to any report, click “Share,” and uncheck “Include report links.”

Drag and drop error

Fixed a bug for Firefox users who could not remove a pill via the drag and drop function.

Remove broken menu in embedded charts

Fixed a bug in which charts embedded outside of Mode showed a non-applicable menu.

Updated Bridge connectors

We've updated the Bridge connector for those who connect to a data source behind a firewall. In addition to new OS versions, this update includes improvements for connection handling.

You can install the Bridge connector on any computer running any of the following supported operating systems:

  • macOS 10.11 or later
  • Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 R2 or later
  • Most 64-bit Linux distributions, including:
  • Ubuntu 14.04 16.04 18.04 LTS
  • Fedora 27, 28, 29
  • Centos 6, 7
  • Debian 8.0, 9.0

If you're using a Linux system not listed above, our success team can provide a generic tarball.

For more information on using Bridge connector, see the full documentation here.

Batch mode for BigQuery

We've added an option to batch query requests against BigQuery, to conserve database resources.

To use batch mode for BigQuery, simply toggle it on when setting up a new connection, or go to an existing connection's settings page to turn it on.

Support for DB2

Added a new connector for DB2. You can add your DB2 instance from the connection page.

Faster report rendering

Mode reports are now faster than ever.

You can now view parts of your report while others are still loading — each result will display as the query powering it returns.

Preview your data with one click

Now you can preview your data in Mode's SQL editor with one click. Hover over any table in the schema browser, and you'll see a play button. Click it to return the first 100 rows of this table, giving you a quick peek into your data.

This button adds a new code snippet (with the comment —Returns first 100 rows from your.table) at the top of your query.

Please note: this feature is disabled for BigQuery and Athena connections, due to their pay-per-run structure.


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