Faster report rendering

Mode reports are now faster than ever.

You can now view parts of your report while others are still loading β€” each result will display as the query powering it returns.

Preview your data with one click

Now you can preview your data in Mode's SQL editor with one click. Hover over any table in the schema browser, and you'll see a play button. Click it to return the first 100 rows of this table, giving you a quick peek into your data.

This button adds a new code snippet (with the comment β€”Returns first 100 rows from your.table) at the top of your query.

Please note: this feature is disabled for BigQuery and Athena connections, due to their pay-per-run structure.


Column and keyword autocomplete

We've added in-line autocomplete for a faster, more efficient workflow in the SQL editor.

As you write code in the SQL editor, you'll be prompted with SQL keywords, column/table names, aliases, and Definitions that match what you've typed.

Use the up/down keys (or continue typing) to highlight the completion you intend, and hit tab or enter to autocomplete. That's it! πŸŽ‰


Support for Python 3.6

You can now use Python 3.6 in Mode's built-in Notebooks. 🐍

The new Python 3.6 environment also includes a variety of new and updated libraries. To get started, in the Notebook simply click the dropdown menu in the upper right and choose Python 3.6!


Please note that the Python community will end support for Python 2.7 in 2020. If you have access to Python 2.7 today, you may still use it in Mode until the end of 2019.

Report sends from former users

Fixed a previous issue where reports created by former organization members would no longer generate automated report sharing emails after their departure. Now, shared reports created by former members will still send as scheduled.

Improved context to the editor

Updated the first look at the SQL editor to orient new users. querystart.png

More helpful error message

Updated error message that appears when a result set is too large to retrieve from your given database. toolarge.png

Resolutions to query functionality

  • Fixed an issue where users weren't able to click on the last line of a query.
  • Fixed BigQuery prepending issues for both standard and legacy SQL. If your connection is set to run legacy syntax, you can prepend the command to run as standard SQL. The same is true if you're on standard SQL and you'd like to run as legacy.

BigQuery time stamps

Resolved a known issues in Google BigQuery where where 12:00 (noon) datetime values were being represented as 00:00 (midnight).

Large result set error messages

When your query results are too large to display in the browser, you'll now get a more helpful error message. The message will tell you how big your results are, and suggest a limit to help you return results small enough to view and work with in the browser. Untitled_Report_-_Editing_πŸ”Š.png

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