minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Relase of Measure Tags, Favorites and Last Used





We released a bunch of features to simplify the selection of the right measures and attributes for users.


  • We added field tags. With field tags, the user can match minubo field names and company speech more easily.
  • Tags can be configured per attribute and measure per tenant.
  • For example, "Revenue (OD)" could be tagged with "Sales Return" if that was the associated term in the companies own vocabulary.
  • Tags are only displayed for the search and selection of fields.


  • We added favorites to the field selection.
  • Favorites support the user to find his own favorite measures and attributes most easily.
  • Favorites can be defined by each user individually

Last Used

  • We added last used fields to the field selection.
  • Last used fields are defined per user and make it easier to apply the previously selected fields again

Tags, Favorites and Last Used are visible in the field selection in the minubo suite in all tools based on our new V3 framework