minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Updates 2021-09

1. minubo Suite / NOW

Login Security

  • Added a more restrictive standard for password security
  • New passwords must comply with password security rules
  • Users with weak passwords are suggested to change their passwords

Embedded Dashboards v3

  • Build the technical groundwork to allow embedding v3 dashboards

Now Start Page

  • Now gets a start page with last used, favorite and most used entities
  • Additionally, a special version of our functional roles page is in the making
  • Favorites, last used and most used will become available features for the Suite as soon as we replace the Suite Start Page sometime in 2022


  • Unified data model pages in the settings area

2. Data Model

No changes

3. Data Sources, Interfaces and Data Transformation

  • Features to reduce the data history of a tenant while keeping customer relationship measures and attributes correct (e.g. number of new customers and acquisition attributes based on full history but only partial history integrated into data warehouse)
  • Changed mapping of product numbers and bundles for Pixi
  • Skipping successful tasks in retry processes reduces time to reprocess a tenant
  • Initial stock calculation is now calculated for the first date in the data history instead of being allocated on the last day of inventory movement of one SKU. This change increases historical inventory values and quantities in case that a max data history is defined for your tenant.


  • Removed Facebook UTM mapping fall backs. In case a campaign has badly configured UTM parameters, a tenant can now choose to have matching data with Google Analytics (not set) or fields be filled via fall backs from minubo.


  • Added article types
  • Added improvement to fee products
  • Xentral inventory movements include warehouse name

4. Bug

  • Fixed an issue causing Facebook ad costs to be incomplete
  • Fixed an issue causing Facebook ad creatives to not be updated
  • Fixed an issue causing the measure “Time since first order (days) (sku level)” to not be filled anymore
  • Removed duplicate lines in SQL reports from Xentral
  • Fixed an issue causing the feed cache to not respond
  • Fixed an issue causing the measures to disappear when switching from Pivot to Table visualization
  • Fixed an issue with missing period labels
  • Fixed an issue with PDF reports not containing comparison data
  • Fixed an issue with the Feeds Overlay not displaying recipients when only external recipients