minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Update September





Product Update September

1. minubo Suite

1.1 General Improvements

  • We improved our user interface for filters through several small changes:
    • Filter values can be removed via backspace
    • The list of suggested filter values is sorted now
    • You can paste in a list of filter values from spreadsheets or Excel to input multiple filter values at once
    • Enter confirms an input regardless of whether the value exists in the database (Enables users to filter on values that are not yet in the database or excluded temporarily.)
    • Selecting one option highlights the user input. This way, typing a new search term directly removes the previous search term. This behavior allows for easy multi-selection and individual selection of filter values.
  • Dashboards
    • Returning from a widget detailview or widget edit page takes the user back to the position where the user left the previous page. (No more annoying jump to the top and scrolling down.)
    • More complete chart legends for widgets with two measures and plan and comparison values
  • Bugs
    • Fixed some rendering issues with PDFs
    • Removed unnecessary line breaks in tooltips and list widgets
    • Axis steps corrected
    • Detailview tables rendering completely again
    • Fixed visual issues on ETL overview page
    • A filter with operator "contains" works with the filter value “@” again

1.3 Documentation

  • We added the Transaction Metrics Table from the Commerce Reporting Standard into our application.
  • Go To Help > Overview > Data > Model > Matrix of Transaction Metrics

1.4 Queries (Work in progress - not yet released)

  • Added an alpha release announcement
  • Fixed incorrect implementation of “Difference to Total” and “% Difference to Total” columns
  • Added a new visualization for Time Series analysis
    • A Line Chart with a pivot table
    • Up to 5 Measures with comparison and plan values
    • With or without a breakdown attribute

2. Data Model

2.1 Measures/ Attributes

  • New measures for Price Markdown and Price Markdown Rate in the product price history (offer data)
  • New measures for Inventory Value by Original Merchandise Price and Merchandise Price.
    • Calculated based on offer data prices with a fall-back to product prices
  • Bundle Items returns a float number now
  • New Attribute Product Batch Number (on Sales Order Position)

3. Data Sources + ETL

3.1 Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • There is a new cartridge version, 3.9
  • The new cartridge exports the Original Merchandise Price of an item from a specified pricebook of the SiteID on the transaction and thus enables the calculation of correct price markdowns per transaction!
  • More configuration of the interface allows to specify price books for the product Original Merchandise Price and Merchandise Price (previously we picked one price book only by siteID)
  • Cartridge exports more prices now for easier validation

3.2 Hashing

  • Sensitive customer fields can be hashed individually instead of all or nothing.