minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Update May





1. minubo Suite

User Management Improvement

  • Entity Migration Only For v3 Dashboards
  • Internal Users Not Displayed in User Management
  • External Contacts can be deleted
  • Deactivated Users Cannot Be Selected For Migrating Entities

Multi Field Selector

  • The multiple field selection allows to add and remove multiple fields at once
  • The multiple field selector displays measures and attributes
  • Works with Query tables and selected widgets (deployment in June 2021)
  • Field selector overlay opens on the left side

Registration With Pixi

  • A pixi user can register with minubo
  • 25 months history
  • Automatic processing after successful configuration
  • Credentials validated automatically

Now Tenant

  • A now tenant is restricted to the designated features
  • Breadcrumb for NOW Tenants Links To Explorer
  • Different V3 Entity Types can be Distinguished in the Explorer and Schedules Overview
  • Simplified Settings Area For NOW

Small Items

  • Fixed Comparison Period Of Top Seller Template
  • Switch Tenant Sort by A-Z
  • Single Value Dropdown Component Allows to Search

2. Data Model

  • Added Attributed Creditnote Values
  • Added Bundles from Pixi

3. Data Sources, Interfaces and Data Transformation

  • Improved Invalid Line Detection

4. Bug

  • Model: Returned Revenue (Before Discounts …tax) RD
  • SuiteV3: Next Target Run Date
  • DataSources/GA: Error 500 when calling settings/area.page#/tenant/datasources -> GA for AVO
  • Dashboard Cancel Button Not Working