minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Update March + April





1. minubo Suite

1.1 Demoshop Explorer

  • Newly created entities are only be private
  • Sales can share public read-only entities and migrate entities to leads

1.3 FeedsV3 Improvements

  • A feed can be turned off and on
  • Multiple feeds per query can be created and saved with different export settings
  • Add an overview for all active feeds with the last request date and security settings
  • Search and find a feed by its token
  • Feeds are downloaded as files instead of displaying the data in the browser
  • Feed are protected via Rights and Roles

1.4 User Management Improvement

  • Deactivated users can not be assigned to roles, entities, feeds and schedules
  • Entity migration page for all entity types including read-only and public entities

2. Data Model

  • New measures and attributes for credit notes released

3. Data Sources, Interfaces and Data Transformation

  • More extended validation of raw input from source system to identify data quality issues automatically
  • Added a new Google Analytics interface without a snippet
  • Added a self-onboarding process for Google Analytics
  • PriceCostHistory may overwrite product cost of goods on SKU-Level
  • Implement OfferHistory as an additional source for Original merchandise value

Other improvements

  • Transaction Metrics Matrix contains credit note measures
  • Clean session handling to prepare for zero downtime deployments and scalable app server infrastructure