minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Update February





1. minubo Suite

1.1 General Improvements

  • We optimized the algorithm for the field search. A combination of search terms like "Disc" + "Merch" + "Val" will only return matches that include all search terms while still correcting for likely typos
  • We changed the behavior of filters in the view mode of reports and queries. A user that is viewing an entity can now add, remove and edit filters in the view mode just like in the dashboards.
  • Queries without a measure still return results for the attribute.

1.2 Explorer Improvements

  • Entities and folders are created via one centralized button to clean up the user interface and prepare the unification of the currently tool-based explorers to a general minubo explorer.
  • Users can now select multiple entities and folders in the explorer.
  • users can only move and delete the entities that they have the right to edit as well to prevent messing up the folder structure of other users.
  • There is a new right in the feature rights section "Entity Manager". Users with this right are allowed to manage (move, delete, edit) protected entities of other users as well.
  • Added mouse-overs to explain the handling of protected entities.

1.3 Feed Configuration and Security

  • Allow Feeds with point and comma decimal. Decimal values are escaped automatically when necessary due to delimiter.
  • Feeds can have English or German language.
  • Period column: Every feed with a comparison period or plan, is exported with a period column to mark the data series of each row (actual, comparison or plan). Optionally, the feed can be exported with the actual date ranges of the feed.
  • Feeds With custom field names: To protect the feed against future name changes or to export the feed with own labels, the creator of the feed can define own labels for columns. (e.g. 'Income' instead of 'Revenue (OD)'.
  • Feeds with different file formats (csv, json, HTML, XML) and configurable delimiter.
  • Feed overview previews the selected security option.
  • Feeds can be configured to allow external contacts (without minubo login) to access the data via a configurable password.

2. Data Model

  • New measures and attributes for credit notes released

3. Data Sources, Interfaces and Data Transformation

  • Added handling for cost prices in other currencies.
  • Pixi tags can be configured to be written into many more minubo attributes now.
  • The price cluster attribute is historized now and calculated based both on the offer data and the transactional data.