minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Update 2021 June / July

1. minubo Store Monitor

Store Monitor

  • Store Monitor attributes and measures can be set up based on configurable pages now
  • Store Monitor now supports filters

Minubo Data Source Configuration

  • Added pages to connect minubo to PIXI, Google Analytics and Facebook / Instagram

Queries Tool

  • Any query can be downloaded ad-hoc
  • File type and formatting are configurable in the frontend
  • Data access roles apply on downloads and queries
  • Added new pivot visualization

Small Items

  • Added a view to the overview of email pdf schedules to only see schedules that the user is assigned to opposed to all schedules that are editable
  • Added new filter features
  • Support for multiple filter values with RegEx
  • Adjusted fuzzy factors in user search
  • Added EqualsAll And NotEqualsAll in V3 filters for multi value fields
  • Screen stays in the position of clicking load more

2. Data Sources, Interfaces and Data Transformation

Transaction costs Interface

  • Transaction costs can be added based on configurations rules (e.g. “Add 2€ of fulfillment costs for transactions from sales channel x.”). These rules now allow for historization.

Other Interfaces

  • Pixi: Pixi Integration of Credit Notes from SpecialInvoiceLines
  • Google Analytics: Gets adGroup and adContent now
  • Facebook: Interface imports UTM-configuration from AdCreatives to map adspend from Facebook with subsequent visits from Google Analytics
  • Xentral: Handling for discount products and position discounts