minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Update 2021 August

1. minubo Suite / NOW

Many smaller issues:

  • A user can configure credentials for PIXI, Google Analytics, Facebook via settings pages.
    • Suite users require the Data Source Manager right.
  • A user can configure the source fields from PIXI for channel level attributes via the Front-end.
  • A user can adjust default drill-downs via the data model settings pages. Page allows adding custom drill-down paths as well.
  • A user can configure alias for measures and attributes via a data model settings page.
  • A user can add comparison periods to queries.
  • CSV-file names include query name, feed name and date to be better identifiable
  • It is now easier to configure the Facebook and Google Analytics interface pages

2. Data Model

  • Added Customer > Account > Type / Kunde > Konto > Typ for B2B / B2C distinction
  • Added Customer > Alternative Number for secondary identification numbers

3. Data Sources, Interfaces and Data Transformation

  • Xentral interface improved
    • Added Stornorechnungen / Gutschriften
    • Added Bundles handling to analyse sales for bundles and their components at the same time
    • Added order-split
    • Added Product Categories
  • Enrichment of voucher codes from Shopify

4. Bug

A bug hunt this month:

  • Specific query can lead to 500 Error when downloaded
  • Wrong time changes detected on custom dates
  • Delete button on feed view page with error
  • Credit Notes were missing translation
  • Incomplete filters resulting in empty feed in special cases
  • Static feeds export is started directly after transformation
  • Customers with several orders do not have Sale > Customer > Type in rare cases
  • Order lines split (multiple InvoiceLines for one OrderLine) were not supported
  • Cancelled quantity not correct