minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Review 2022-04 (2022-03)

Minubo Suite / Now / Store Monitor

  • We are in the last steps fixing and tweaking before releasing our new analysis tools.
    • The release allows users to perform Cohort, Histogram and Grid analysis within minubo.
    • As soon as we are ready we will give a more detailed update.
    • Meanwhile, we have started the development of a cross-sell analysis tool which later will allow to understand which products, brands, categories are bought together in the same order or also over multiple orders.
  • In the background, we are preparing the migration of legacy feeds and web pivots to the current Queries and Feeds tools.

Data Model

  • As a custom development, we added a nearest store feature for one of our clients.
    • A custom data pipeline calculates for each customer his/her nearest store and the distance.
    • The information is available within Minubo for analysis and more importantly for targeting specific customer segments!

Data Sources & ETL

  • We have added support for the Article Tree from Xentral.


  • We are preparing an upgrade to a new Elastic Search version.