minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Review 2022-02

Minubo Suite / Now / Store Monitor

Cohort Analysis

  • Work continued on the cohort analysis.
  • We expect to finish development in around 2-3 weeks and prepare the release.

Histogram Analysis

  • We gathered a first round of feedback last month and are busy implementing it.
  • We expect to finish development in around 3-4 weeks.

Grid Analysis

  • A first version of the grid analysis is live on our test systems and we are gathering feedback internally and are fixing early development bugs.

Data Model

  • Added new attribute "Purchase > Oder > Type" to differentiate between different types of purchase orders (NOS, Nachorder,…)
  • Added new attribute "Sale > Order Date > Hour" to analyse how order performance varies over the hours of the day
  • Added new measure "Max. Order Processing Time (Hours)" to identify the longest order processing time per channel, store, delivery method, …

Data Sources & ETL

  • Xentral's "Hersteller Name" as new source for "Product > Brand"
  • Xentral's "Kunde Gruppe" as new source for "Customer > Group"
  • Added support for Smart Display Campaigns.