minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Product Review 2022-01

1. Minubo Suite / Now / Store Monitor




Histogram Analysis

  • We are in the process of adding a new analysis tool: Histograms!
  • Histograms help understand the distribution of a measure visually by grouping measure values in bands of equal size. Typical cases come as predefined entities. Among them…
    • What is the ø Order Value per Order?
    • What is the Discount Rate per Order?
    • What is the ø Discounted Merchandise Value per Item per Product?
  • We expect the Histogram tool to be released within Q1 2022.
  • Additionally, we are in the process of turning the old grid reports into more configurable grid analysis, stay tuned.

2. Data Model

  • Added support for more product detail view related rate measures: Adds and Checkouts per Product Detail View. These measures make it easier to identify which products are often added to baskets but rarely bought.
  • Added support for aggregated E-mail Touchpoints. This data allows basic statistics like sends, opens and clicks per date and campaign without the overhead (in terms of time and costs) of processing recipient level data.

3. ETL & Infrastructure

  • We added support for Amazon Sponsored Product Adspend
  • The shopify interface now supports multiple shops.
  • We have optimized the data load from Google Analytics