minubo changelog
minubo changelog

New minubo Reports and Explorer





At minubo we are currently working on two important topics in our suite, minubo Reports and the minubo Explorer.

minubo Reports

We are renewing the entire Reports section. We replace the static reports of the past with a flexible reporting tool. For all existing reports we offer preconfigured and customizable presets.

All “v3” features already known from the dashboards are available in the reports. That means:

  • All measures, attributes, and filters are freely selectable.
  • Time filters can be fully customized
  • Comparisons with other periods and plan figures are just one click away.
  • Automatic dispatch at the desired interval by email as PDF.

Release with four report layouts

  • Top Seller: Define your own top lists for products, SKUs, brands or channels according to your own key figures.
  • Table Report: Even more extensive tables than on the dashboards with up to 4 attributes and 5 key figures as well as with user-definable drill-down paths for the detailed view.
  • Measure list: A list of up to 30 measures in the rows and one attribute in the columns. Use this layout to view the proportion of the most important key figures across the values of an attribute. For example, view all key figures from visits to net revenue across all sales channels.
  • Measure list with several periods: A list of up to 30 measures in the rows and up to three periods with several comparison periods in the columns. Use this layout to track the development of your most important key figures over several time periods in parallel. For example, compare key figures for the current week to date with the previous week and the previous year together with the figures for the current year to date and the previous year. There are many more new features, but that is outside of the scope of this post. 🙂

minubo Explorer

We are replacing the existing tool-based Explorer bit by bit with a universal minubo entity Explorer.

  • One Explorer for all minubo analyses and a freely definable folder structure with any depth allows teams to organize all their relevant files in one place in a common structure.
  • Instant overview of all exports: Who gets what data, when and in what form.
  • Intuitive navigation and fast file management in the Explorer via drag and drop.
  • With the migration of the individual tools to our v3 framework we also release the new Explorer step by step in every part of the minubo suite.

We are positive to release the prototype of both features in the coming two to three weeks.