Improvements in January 2019

Adding items cost on transactional data by delivering product identifier and costs

Some source systems do not deliver historically correct item costs on transactional data. It is now possible to deliver a table of your product identifier and items costs to attach historically correct item costs onto transactions. Your Key Account Manager will be happy to setup the enrichment for you.

Specifying relevant heartbeats messages for groups of users

To reduce the amount of heartbeats shown for each user, it is now possible to configure which heartbeats are relevant for groups of users. As a result, only heartbeat messages that are relevant to the user are displayed.

Discover which part of an invoice is fulfilled by which warehouse

The user is now able to analyze transactional data together with warehouse attributes. This new link in the data model enables users to analyze which part of an invoice is fulfilled by which warehouse.

Detail view on new Dashboards are displaying data of widget in table form

Every widget on the new Dashboards comes with a simple detail view attached. For now, the detail view displays the data behind the widget in table form. In the future, the detail view will be configurable so that the data table contains additional attributes and measures.

Higher flexibility with filtering data due to implementation of more filter possibilities :

Now, it is possible to filter for more than equal operations. In addition to the equals filter, an advanced logic for “contains”, “begins with”, “end with” and “not” counterparts has been implemented to offer more flexibility with filtering data.

Flexible Feed format configuration to use English language and comma as decimal sign

Now, a user can select the language, number format and column delimiter of a feed as independent settings. The URL now contains parameters to configure these settings. The parameters can be configured in the front-end or directly in the URL. This improvement gives users the flexibility to create filters in English language but with comma as decimal sign.