minubo changelog
minubo changelog

Changelog Update April





A glimpse at April's work:


  • Deployed migration and released V3 Dashobards -> Hard phase of migration starts in 2 Weeks 12.05.2020!
  • Temporary filters from dashboard now apply on widget detail view page as well
  • Widget detail view can also be edited temporarily in view mode (in QA)
  • Drill-Down on detail view now consistent with implementation on old Dashboards and extended for new product categories
  • Mobile charts show all data in vertical orientation to use tables on mobile widgets
  • When user leaves editing mode accidentally are now protected by a request to save
  • Fix: Double Confirm of V3-page URLs fixed
  • Fix: Column Charts fit entire time series data horizontally!

Store Monitor

  • "Time to Date" periods now exclude Today to allow equal comparisons against last year


  • Added feed queuing to manage the amount of parallel feed requests
  • Added feed caching to answer multiple requests of one feed from a cache
  • Added one internal page for monitoring of feed requests

ETL + Data Model

  • Deduplication now works over multiple interfaces
  • Several marketing performance KPIs exist now based on Sales/ Net Sales as well. For example, Marketing Profit On Net Sales. A Datamodel setting needs to be actived to enable the measures
  • Fixed: Assigned MarketingCosts ID missing Unassignable Costs part (not yet deployed)

Offer history

  • Added history for Original Merchandise and Merchandise Price per SKU, plus Number of SKUs, Products and Avg. Prices over in Offer over time, Data Model Setting
  • Next: We will add avg. price markdown and avg. profit rate

Explorer V3 Prototype

  • Created first prototype for release of a V3 minubo explorer (to later unify entity explorers)

Reports V3 Prototype

  • Implemented first prototypes for V3 reports to built the future minubo reports tool
  • Added Table Report: Attributes and Measures
  • Added Time Comparison Report: List of 30 measures and up to 3 time periods
  • Added Attribute Comparison Report: List of 30 measures with one attribute (Special case of inverted table)
  • More details when we push the prototype out to collect feedback and improve

Configurable Product Clusters

  • Next: Our product clusters become configurable (define thresholds for percentage clusters + define cluster ranges for product category groups for absolute clusters)
  • Next: Add new price clusters

Next: Colorful V3

  • Multiple Colors for Breakdown Attribute Values
  • Includes default colors for known fields
  • Configurable colors for breakdown attribute values