Fixes in February 2019

  • The feed download in XML is working properly again.
  • Fixed display of value „0“ in transaction filter in the customer segmentation tool.
  • Fixed a bug with Web Pivot entities moving after renaming a copy.

Channel enrichment for store attributes

It is now possible to enrich channels on the store level as well.

New setting structure for key mapping implemented

It is now possible for minubo to map keys from one interface to the keys of another interface. To enrich keys, a mapping table will be required.

Add tables to new dashboards

You are now able to create simple tables within your dashboards with up to 10 columns! The table widget requires at least one attribute and one metric. When you create a table widget and add new columns, this will change the default size of the widget on the dashboard. If the widget does not fit any more where it has been originally placed, then the widget will be moved onto empty space when returning to the dashboard. We will soon add sorting as well, stay tuned.

Add widget” overlay button on new dashboards

You can easily add a new widget to your dashboard by clicking on the displayed overlay button. It is shown on the dashboard canvas in the dashboard edit page and indicates if free space to a widget is available. This offers you the opportunity to create widgets directly on the dashboard canvas.

Date range time option for new dashboards

The new dashboards are coming with new time options. We implemented the opportunity to select a date range. You find a calendar icon in the user interface to select your date range for fixed periods.

More consistent names for German time measures

Some time measures were named on time base and some on duration base. We renamed existing German names that include “-Zeit” and replaced with “-Dauer”.

Overview of the affected measures and the renamed version:

ø Fulfillment-Zeit (Stunden) - ø Fulfillment-Dauer (Stunden)

ø Fulfillment-Zeit ab Annahme (Stunden) - ø Fulfillment-Dauer ab Annahme (Stunden)

ø Fulfillment-Zeit von Einkäufen (Tage) - ø Fulfillment-Dauer von Einkäufen (Tage)

ø Auftragsverarbeitungszeit (Stunden) - ø Bearbeitung-Dauer (Stunden)

ø Auftragsverarbeitungszeit ab Annahme (Stunden) - ø Bearbeitung-Dauer ab Annahme (Stunden)

It is now possible to use several measures “before discount"

If discounts are to be reported as marketing costs, the use of measures before discount can satisfy the requirement to report exclusive discounts. For this you can use the following measure before discounts: Order Value Before Discount, Net Revenue Before Discount, Revenue Before Discounts, Contribution Margin I Before Discounts, Contribution Margin II before Discounts. These measures are available as (OD) and (ID,RD) measures.

Improved mobile time picker menu in the minubo store monitor

When you use the minubo Store Monitor via a mobile device the time picker options are clearly readable now. To display the full name of the time picker options, they are allocated in horizontal order now.

The Segmentation tool can now be used to create segments based on companies to support B2B models

B2B customers can create company level segmentations now. For company segments, the rules that define the segment, are calculated on the aggregated company level instead of the individual contact or customer level. The CSV download of company segments includes the Company Number, the Name and Customer-E-Mail of the primary contact of the companies. Contact your Key Account Manager to have the company segment tool made available.

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