Fixes in April 2019

Fixed overlapping first Year-Week values

A fix was deployed to allocate the first week of the year correctly even for weeks that overlap years.

Restored default settings for language and decimals of old feeds

The default settings for the new feeds may not match the settings made for the old feeds. To use the old feeds with the existing URL's the default interpretation of the old feeds has been changed to the original condition: English language and decimal point.

Additional minor changes:

  • Added leading zeros for single digit date values for string sorting
  • Values in the web pivot are no longer capitalized to be identical with database input
  • Fixed a visual bug in Order Value by Acquisition Saleschannel analysis
  • Time filter for Purchase Order Quantity (30 Days) works

Authentication for dashboards embedded in third-party systems

Via the minubo embedded technology, it is possible to embed minubo widgets directly in third-party systems. With these widgets, it is easy to create visually stunning dashboards within external front-ends. With the help of the new user-specific authentication process, the user no longer needs to log in separately into the third party system and the embedded widgets, but only needs to login into the third party system. The data in the embedded dashboards is filtered through the single sign-on interface.

Timestamps delivery enrichment from Generic to Data Warehouse

Now you can add pick and pack timestamps to monitor the pick and pack performance of fulfillment via newly created measures. There are new Warehouse timestamps to measures the pick and pack performance. Via the Invoice Position of Generic it is possible to deliver the following data:

ReadyToPickDateTime: DateTime when the InvoicePosition was available to pick in the warehouse

PickedDateTime: DateTime when the pick has been finished in the warehouse

ReadyToPackDateTime: DateTime when the InvoicePosition was available to pack in the warehouse

PackedDateTime: DateTime when the pack has been finished in the warehouse

With this data, it is possible to create new measures for monitoring average and peak times for picking and packing:

  • Avg. Picking & Packing Time (Hours)
  • Max. Picking & Packing Time (Hours)
  • Avg. Picking Time (Hours)
  • Max. Picking Time (Hours)
  • Avg. Packing Time (Hours)
  • Max. Packing Time (Hours)

Implementation of date attributes without year for the easier year to year comparisons

Until now date attributes as the week, month and quarter always included the year which prevented an easy aggregation and made year over year comparisons too complicated. For this reason, there are now date attributes excluding the year.

For example, you can easily compare on which weekdays your Return Rate by Revenue is highest.

Find the Purchase Invoice Number of the Supplier in Pixi

From now on you can find the invoice number of the supplier in Pixi in the field Purchase > Invoice > Number

Added documentation for Rights and Roles in the help section

All important information about Rights and Roles are added to the help section in the chapter settings.

Fixes in February 2019

  • The feed download in XML is working properly again.
  • Fixed display of value „0“ in transaction filter in the customer segmentation tool.
  • Fixed a bug with Web Pivot entities moving after renaming a copy.

Channel enrichment for store attributes

It is now possible to enrich channels on the store level as well.

New setting structure for key mapping implemented

It is now possible for minubo to map keys from one interface to the keys of another interface. To enrich keys, a mapping table will be required.

Add tables to new dashboards

You are now able to create simple tables within your dashboards with up to 10 columns! The table widget requires at least one attribute and one metric. When you create a table widget and add new columns, this will change the default size of the widget on the dashboard. If the widget does not fit any more where it has been originally placed, then the widget will be moved onto empty space when returning to the dashboard. We will soon add sorting as well, stay tuned.

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