Spryker Interface and real time processing

minubo welcomes Spryker

We finished important steps for a Spryker integration. The new interface is a direct connection to the well-known commerce OS based on a live event stream.

minubo becomes real time

We made big steps towards real time processing of the event stream data in the Newstore environment! With real time, we cut the time from data collection to data analysis and thereby allow users to react in a more timely manner.

Generic interface improvements

The Generic Transaction Costs and Loyalty Points tables now allow data updates via Update Date. This reduces the necessary effort to update data by incremental data delivery.

Good to know

Predefined time periods now include "All time to yesterday" and "All time and next year". These time periods simplify analysis over large time frames with self-adjusting end of time period.

Data model improvements and user management

Improvements to the Data Model

  • Offline Touchpoints: Marketing Costs can now be mapped to offline touchpoints. This is important for all customers who deliver offline touchpoints and want to analyze the ROI of their offline activities. Marketing costs for touchpoints can be delivered via the marketing cost interface and be mapped to orders or touchpoints through various marketing measures.
  • Google Analytics Currency Conversion: Marketing Costs from Google Analytics profiles in a foreign currency other than the configurated minubo target currency can now be automatically converted into minubo target currency.

Improvements to the User Management

  • User Re-activation: We finalized the login customer status management so that user administrators on the customer side can safely activate and re-activate users via the user management system within the settings area in the app.

Custom Heartbeats Released

We finally release Custom Heartbeats.

In the Heartbeats section you know find the "Configuration" area where you can crate new custom defined heartbeat alerts via "Create New Config":

Custom Heartbeat Creator.png

For data-driven organizations, monitoring relevant business metrics and processes plays a crucial role. However, it takes a lot of time to design and implement an automated alerting system.

With the further development of the Heartbeat feature, known as the new Heartbeat Configurator, it is now possible to define your own alerts and align them to individual use cases – tailored to your own personal work routine: You define exactly which aspect of your business you want to monitor, with which key figure, over which period of time, and once the conditions for the alarm have been met, you are proactively informed by the Heartbeat.

Set up your new custom heartbeat now: https://app.minubo.com/analytics/area.page#/insightstream/configs/configs/new

In case you have questions you find help here: https://docs.google.com/a/trewys.de/document/d/1nxFH2oQ3rB51MvtfuYRPHxiXQr18gMmGhOLHfQkCMgY/edit?usp=sharing

Further questions? Contact us at support@minubo.com

Tech updates, new measures and more data

New measures

  • "Order Profit" is the expected profit from an order before invoicing. When the time between order and invoice is large, this measure supports profit forecasting!
  • "Original Merchandise Value (SKU Level) (excl TAX)" is the original merchandise value excluding tax of each SKU. This measure is particularly relevant for US customers as list prices are typically specified without tax.
  • We continue out phasing the old measure model by deactivating old feeds / web pivots to force migration to the new measure model.

More Data

  • Stores / POS: Stores have been added to the sales channel hierarchy. Each store can be specified by name, with two generic store attributes and an owner.
  • Transaction Costs: Fulfillment and payment costs can now be delivered via the generic interface for each invoice position.
  • Amazon FBA / FBM costs: The Amazon FBA FBM cost interface now includes additional fees of type Refund and Chargeback for complete cost overview.

Tech update

  • We moved the minubo app to Elastic Search 6 to increase load performance for our users and save time in the daily processing jobs.

Custom Heartbeats

We are close to releasing a new feature:

Custom heartbeats allow you to monitor your favorite Key Performance Indicators and to get alarms whenever your alert condition is met.

For example, monitor the return rate of top-performing products and get notified when something really needs your attention!

Contact your Key Account Manager to be the first to use custom heartbeats!

Again, improvements around the app

We are still busy migrating to new measure names, further implementing our rights & roles permission system and improving our Store Monitor App.

Interface Improvements

  • The generic interface now support to deliver original merchandise value per item on the sales order position. This is a crucial steps towards easier integration of multiple price lists.
  • Generic enrichment now has an option to overwrite all values of a target field with empty before enriching. Before, enriching only some values of a field would lead to a mixture of old and new values.
  • The ETL process now handles multiple cost interfaces now which allows you to integrate costs from as many sources as you like.

Improvements around the app

We work on further rolling-out the new measure names throughout the entire app.

New measure

  • We added a new measure: Avg. Original Merchandise Value per Item Ordered
  • This measure helps understand the average item value in your customers' shopping baskets before price reductions, discounts and invoice- or return-effects.

Update Process

  • Added additional monitoring to our daily data processing to identify problems early and be able to inform you more effectively.

Soon we will release a new feature for you to create your own heartbeat alerts to become aware of changes in your business pro-actively. Stay tuned.

Improvements around the app

Feature improvements

  • Customer Segmentation Export now supports all customer related measures.

Update Process

  • Added data validation tools to our data processing to further improve reliability of our nightly data processing.

Generic Interface improvements

  • It's now possible to plan budget values on Campaign Level in our marketing template.
  • Added City and Country of Delivery to our Generic Interface.
  • It's now possible to deliver "Number of Packages" via our Generic Interface.
  • Improved customer data enrichment with multiple fields (e.g. Customer Group).


  • We've added Loyalty Points to the minubo data model. This update includes the new attribute Loyal Program Type and the new measures Basic Loyalty Points and Bonus Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points can be delivered via our Generic Interface on Order Position level. Talk to your Key Account Manager regarding the details.

Segmentation Export User Interface

We are pleased to announce that as of today, the segmentation export user interface can be used. Our customer segmentation is a powerful feature that initially lacked one core functionality: scheduling an export. There is now a button that leads you to the exports of a segmentation:

In the "Exports" section, you can define a custom export for that segmentation. You can export any customer attribute and any order measure, as well as custom fields with custom values and the export date. The scheduling works the same way as scheduling a dashboard. The export then is placed on our ftp server. Talk to your Key Account Manager for the optimal setup of your segmentation exports.

Also, read our blog post for some last minute christmas tips regarding escaping the discount trap.

Next Generation of the minubo Data Model

We're happy to announce that we started to roll out the new minubo data model. This is a big step to further increase our consistency and comprehensibility in terms of measure naming. This also helps us to maintain the data model a lot easier than the previous one.

The initial roll out was happened only for the feeds. What does this mean:

  • Feeds that are created after December 1st will automatically use the new data concept. This means that for all newly created feeds you will only see the new names and measures.
  • Until further notice, existing feeds will keep the old terms and names for the measures. During the two-month transition period, it will be possible to optionally switch between the new names and old names for existing feeds. But watch out: Once you switch to the new names and save the feeds, all deprecated measures are removed from the feed and will not be added back even when you switch back to the old names.

To assist you with the new measure and attribute names, we've created a change index.

For more information, please read our blog post or talk to your Key Account Manager.

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