Segmentation Export User Interface

We are pleased to announce that as of today, the segmentation export user interface can be used. Our customer segmentation is a powerful feature that initially lacked one core functionality: scheduling an export. There is now a button that leads you to the exports of a segmentation:

In the "Exports" section, you can define a custom export for that segmentation. You can export any customer attribute and any order measure, as well as custom fields with custom values and the export date. The scheduling works the same way as scheduling a dashboard. The export then is placed on our ftp server. Talk to your Key Account Manager for the optimal setup of your segmentation exports.

Also, read our blog post for some last minute christmas tips regarding escaping the discount trap.

Next Generation of the minubo Data Model

We're happy to announce that we started to roll out the new minubo data model. This is a big step to further increase our consistency and comprehensibility in terms of measure naming. This also helps us to maintain the data model a lot easier than the previous one.

The initial roll out was happened only for the feeds. What does this mean:

  • Feeds that are created after December 1st will automatically use the new data concept. This means that for all newly created feeds you will only see the new names and measures.
  • Until further notice, existing feeds will keep the old terms and names for the measures. During the two-month transition period, it will be possible to optionally switch between the new names and old names for existing feeds. But watch out: Once you switch to the new names and save the feeds, all deprecated measures are removed from the feed and will not be added back even when you switch back to the old names.

To assist you with the new measure and attribute names, we've created a change index.

For more information, please read our blog post or talk to your Key Account Manager.

Improvements around the app

  • [User Management] We added a migration process to migrate private dashboards, feeds, webpivots and segmentations when deleting an user.
  • [Rights and Roles] We are working on the first prototype for our new rights management system. Stay tuned!
  • [Segmentation Export] We have developed a front end solution to set up automated segmentation exports. This features will be available soon. Ask your KAM.

User Management

We're happy to announce that we added User Management to our application. This feature allows you to:

  • create new users. Newly created users are invited to minubo and are eligible to use minubo after they complete the registration process.
  • set expiry dates for users. Users that exceed the expiry dates are automatically disabled (but not deleted!).
  • assign them the right to use Feeds.

Before you can use this feature, talk to your Key Account Manager to enable you as an administrator user. You can reach the User Management area by clicking on the "Account" symbol, "Settings" -> "Logins".

Improvements around the app

  • [Interfaces] We have added a new interface to get data from eFulfilment to minubo.
  • [Interfaces] You can now deliver web touchpoints via our generic interface to pull data from any webtracking system (like Adobe Webtracking, for example)

Improvements around the app

  • [Web Pivot] We've added the functionality to transform Widgets to web pivots.
  • [Web Pivot] We've also added the functionality to maximize the grid to full browser size.
  • [Web Pivot] Last but not least we moved some buttons around to accommodate the user flow (sort in grid etc.)

Added OR links to customer segmentation

We enhanced the customer segmentation further to allow OR links. Previously, customer segments could only be created based on AND connection between filter rules. Now it is possible to connect customer attributes and transaction rules via OR and via AND.

Smaller improvements around the app

  • [Feeds] Added "Rows Estimate" to display the estimated amount of rows per Feed.
  • [Feeds] Redesigned attribute filters in Feeds and added new filter options.
  • [Single View Pages] Redesign of the "Returns" tab in the Product Single View Page

As always, we're improving the technology behind minubo as well as other smaller improvements. We're not covering those here because there are so many of them.

Web pivot BETA released

TL;DR: We enabled our newest feature, the web pivot, for every customer. Please send us feedback to

Our latest addition to minubo is the web pivot. This tool enables you to perform ad hoc analyses to questions that arise in the daily work routine in your organization. Within the web pivot you may analyze any measure or attribute of minubo.

If you have any questions regarding the webpivot, contact your key account manager or sales representative.

Feed UI alignment

TL;DR: We aligned the Feed UI in the edit mode to improve consistency of the user experience.

No published changelogs yet.

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