MIDI Mixer release notes
MIDI Mixer release notes

Stability fixes, presets, and LED heartbeats (v2.7.0)

Edging closer to the sharing overhaul, this update brings some quality-of-life changes and fixes around plugins and stability.




🚥 Added LED heartbeats

Some devices (often those with drum pads) won't relinquish control of their LED indicators, overwriting the values that MIDI Mixer sends it.

This brute force option keeps the device up to date with the latest state, making sure to overwrite any unruly devices.

If you have a device with drum pads or other LEDs that the device forcibly toggles on/off, try this option to help maintain a consistent experience.




🎹 Behringer X32 Producer preset


An incredible new preset from our well-known GiacoAV. This even comes with a lovely new page explaining how to get set up and what the preset featues! 🥳




🔗 Connect your Patreon account


Syncing patrons' MIDI Mixer accounts with their Patreon account has long been a frustrating point. It relies on the same email address being used across both systems, and is subject to many small issues around Patreon's odd API.

Hopefully this is the end of the oddity, as you can now directly link your Patreon account to your MIDI Mixer account to ensure any subscriptions are correctly synced.

As with all contribution-related issues, please see the Contribution page on the docs site or email support@midi-mixer.com for help if you still have issues syncing your account.

Any users who were successfully synced with the old system should have retained their status; you'll now be able to see which account you're synced with!




🎹 Behringer X-Touch Extender page


Thanks again to GiacoAV, a new page helping users get started with their X-Touch Extender has been added to our collection of presets. Great stuff!




⚙️ Added a debugging ID to settings page


If you have anonymous analytics & crash reports enabled in the settings page, your reports are given under a unique identifier that represents your installation of MIDI Mixer.

When debugging certain issues, providing this identifier to a developer can help link these anonymous crash reports to your system, thereby making it easier to help you debug a problem. Without this identifier, a developer cannot match a crash report to any one user in order to retain your privacy.

This identifier cannot be used by anyone else to access any information, be it personal or anonymous reports. When given to a developer, they can only attribute anonymous crash reports to you, and still cannot see any personal information whatsoever.

This change should help reduce the amount of issues which require me to ask for users to upload config files to me, which is better for both parties.



  • Fixed plugins sometimes triggering close actions multiple times, causing sporadic race condition issues when refreshing
  • Fixed crashing plugins sometimes causing the entire plugin set to crash in rare circumstances
  • Fixed being able to trigger multiple plugin refreshes when a plugin provided a close function and did not instantly close
  • Fixed the midi-mixer:// protocol not being successfully registered for the Microsoft Store build
  • Fixed only appearing to reload when groups/controls were edited in a profile, forcing users to manually unload and reload the profile in order to see changes