MIDI Mixer release notes
MIDI Mixer release notes

Multi-assignment groups (v2.5.15-alpha.5)

There are a few things in this alpha… 💪




Ⓜ️ Multi-assignment groups!


In this build of the 2.5.15 alpha, you can now assign multiple apps, devices, or plugins to a single group.

The group dropdowns have been given some make-up in order to appear presentable for this change, but there's more coming in this space to allow much easier assignment. A few of you have seen sneak previews of this… 🥷




↘️ Groups have moved to the Profiles page


The groups tab has now been placed inside the profiles tab to help understand how controls, groups, and the previous home page all relate.

Currently, you must load a profile to see the assigned groups. In the future, 🪄 you'll be given the possibility to see and change assignments even for unloaded profiles!



  • Made some more screens resistant to getting all squishy with the new UI
  • Fixed some overflowing inputs when configuring infinite rotaries when editing a profile
  • Fixed the "Profile loaded" toast showing a useless ID instead of the name of the loaded profile
  • Added a scrollbar to the profiles list (@Fuerchtenichts has a lot of devices)