MIDI Mixer release notes
MIDI Mixer release notes

Fixes and more plugin inputs (v2.7.1)




🔌 New plugin settings


Plugin developers can now add toggle (boolean), integer, and slider fields to their settings, hugely useful for constraining users to a particular range of values.

This doesn't require any updates on your part, but the manifest schema has been changed in midi-mixer-plugin@1.0.2 to give some typing and comments for the new inputs.

To see how to implement the new fields, either use the new schema for autocomplete fun or check out the Create a plugin -> Settings docs page.




🧑‍💻 Plugin version number displayed


A plugin's version is now visible in the UI so that a user can more easily understand if they need to update.

Keep bumping and releasing on GitHub! A small improvement to prompt a user that the plugin has updated will be available shortly.



  • Fixed "Run" and "Assign" indicators not working for any groups assigned to multiple apps/devices/plugins
  • Fixed Core crash due to a very rare race condition during foreground session checking against existing sessions
  • Fixed plugin fallback values not being returned when using $MM.getSettings()
  • Fixed nameless plugins not correctly falling back to using their reverse-DNS ID
  • Fixed potential crash when a plugin sent repeated garbled/corrupted messages to the API
  • Fixed small memory leak when refreshing plugins
  • Plugins list is now correctly refreshed once a plugin has been installed using a .midiMixerPlugin file
  • Better internal handling of errors during plugin loading stage; at a later date this will be used to display errors to users when a plugin fails to activate