Micro Acquisitions Platform changelog
Micro Acquisitions Platform changelog

New source: Microacquire




We added three new sources:

  • Microacquire
  • Acquirebase
  • Microns

New sources





We just added two new sources to our list:

  • Website properties
  • Acquisitions direct

Our new blog





We launched a new blog where you can learn more about our companion course, Micro Acquisitions, and our LinkedIn certification.

Check it out: https://blog.microacquisitions.com/

New source: Quiet Light Brokerage





We just added a new marketplace to our list: Quiet Light Brokerage

Source deals now: https://dealflow.microacquisitions.com/

Save, load and share custom searches





Now you can save, load and share your custom searches and their set of filters.

To start, just go to https://dealflow.microacquisitions.com/search and search deals with different filters. Then, hit the "Save" button.

You will be asked to name your custom search so that you can quickly load it later.

If you want to share your search with a coworker or a friend that has access to the platform, you can do so by visiting https://dealflow.microacquisitions.com/searches and copy the share link.



Running promotion





Join our private community for entrepreneurs who want to network, trade tips, and accelerate their deal flow to buy and sell companies, and get a complimentary free annual subscription to the starter plan.

Join here: https://www.microacquisitions.com/rainmakers